What are some things I should pack in my hospital bag?

Hi mamas, I am about to give birth here soon… what are the essential things I should pack for baby, husband, and I? Anything you ladies forgot or something you wished you had taken.


I personally believe people take way too many things. For all 3 of my pregnancies, all I took was my phone charger and clothes to go home in for me and baby.

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Clothes, snacks, charger, camera, hair ties, chapstick, shampoo etc.

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Snacks, comfy loose clothing, heavy duty maxi pads, deodorant, shampoo, brush, hair ties, and some form of entertainment.

hold on to your robe for dear life :joy: pick a nice, fluffy, loose, squishy, soft, robe

Comfy clothes to wear instead of the hospital gown. Pajamas. Your favorite pillow

Snacks!!! Our hospitals food is awful!!!

Your own pillow, hair tie and brush, toothpaste and toothbrushe, charger(s) your favorite lip balm. A change of clothes for you and baby. Shampoo, conditioner, and bar soap. When I had my daughter I was there for 4 days and they didn’t let me shower until day 4, trust me on the hair tie I didn’t use one and I had the biggest rats nest in the back of my hair. I lost a shit ton of hair trying to get it brushed out lol

I always forgot the thank you card and candies for the staff who cared for me. I sent a friend shopping for me. Trust me, you will appreciate them!

Snacks, a change of comfy clothes to wear home. Toiletries, other than that, honestly, you can make do with the supplies they give you there. I packed way too much and didn’t use a quarter of it.

Going on my third pregnancy, here are our go to’s!
Toiletries/makeup, comfy clothes to go home in and wear comfy clothing going in, jacket/comfy clothes for husband, outfits (2-3) for baby, chargers, snacks, and dermaplast and depends (if you are delivering naturally). Best of luck!

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Clothes for you and baby to go home in, comfy pajamas to wear after you take a shower, socks, phone charger, shampoo and conditioner, hair brush, snacks and gatorade for the electrolytes


A light robe with tank tops and comfy pants/leggings, Chapstick, and an extra pillow or two (since hospitals never have enough), and shower shoes.Of course the normal toiletries . I packed a lot and don’t end up needing most of it but these things were essential for me. My normal charger had a long cord but I’d recommend getting one if you have the standard cord

Twice as many undies and maxi pads as you think you will need

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Slippers ,flip flops and comfy clothes
Hygiene essentials
Phone charger

Comfy robe and slippers. I wanted my own pillow and a blanket from home. A lot of hospitals provide essentials for baby and mama, check and see what yours offers so you don’t bring more than you need :slightly_smiling_face: congrats and good luck!!!

I’m due in February and in mine I have dermoplast, witch hazel, disposable underwear, pads, tucks pads, peri bottle, nipple cream, robe, slippers pjs and an outfit to wear home and my regular toiletry bag, and an extra long phone charger. For the baby I have a couple sleepers, hats socks a blanket and an outfit to wear home

Charger for your phone.

All 3 of mine were c-sections and after the first one, I learned to bring my own pillow, my favorite blanket, warm fuzzy socks, charger, snacks, comfy jammies and clothes for you & baby to go home in. And remember to take EVERYTHING from the hospital room! :joy: The nurses always laughed at me because I would take all of their pads, diapers, etc. No shame. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Nipple shield, pads, chocolate