What are some things you do for self care?

I am 34 weeks pregnant and am feeling it. This is my 4th child and my birthday is this weekend. I want to go out and do something fun, but nothing is fitting right, and I am having a “please pity me” moment. What do you mamas do to make yourselves feel good during the last term? I need some self-care ideas because I am feeling this weight gain in a bad way!


Pedicure!!! I couldnt even reach my feet that far along lol


First of all, remind yourself that you’re growing a human in your body. As crappy as you feel it’s a pretty spectacular thing. 2ed get your hair done. 3rd buy yourself something pretty. 4th remember a whole lotta women have felt the same way, but also a whole lotta women can only wish they could feel that. Hang in there Mama you’re in the home stretch now. Congratulations x


I try to do my own nails every couple of weeks and indulge in long showers.

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Massages and pedicures

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Sit your butt on the couch, feet elevated, with full ac and all the snacks.


I get all gussied up and go get a massage or my nails done or just go out with my husband. Im 34 weeks to and Braxton Hicks are killing me but gotta try to do something. I gave up on pants/ shorts or bottoms of any kind.

I’m 37 weeks so I feel ya. I legit make myself put makeup and earrings on every day. That way even if my outfit is janky AF I still give the appearance of my shit togather :joy::joy:

Treat yourself to prenatal massage a pedicure n I just treated myself to charm aroma bath bomb

Happy Birthday mine is Sunday

A pedi with a massaging chair

Massage and pedicures are out during covid crisis but perhaps your husband could do that. Men are pretty good if you direct them…

I’m in the same boat! 34 weeks pregnant and my birthday was yesterday. All I did was go eat and visit my dying grandma. I’m also feeling the weight in a bad way. But we’re almost done!! :grin: good luck to you!

When I was pregnant with my 4th I made sure my nails were ALWAYS done, by myself/kids. We also had our own above ground pool - i was in that baby EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

i got a massage but this was before covid… so what i do now is do mini facials at home…

Me and my husband are getting a hotel room near our house and he’s going to pamper me and just spend some quality time together. This is my 3rd and we really need to not hear crying for one day lol

Happy early birthday! :tada: I say treat yourself… go out and get yourself a new outfit to wear out for your birthday. Spoil yourself to a pedicure. Get gussied up and go out for your birthday… even if it’s just for dinner. you deserve it!

Nail salon, watch my shows in peace, go out with friends

I am 33 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and I just had my prenatal massage. An hour of pure bliss. :blush:

Well …I’m only 23 weeks pregnant and feeling pregnant as pregnant can be :rofl::weary:…already scheming up a day to get away just to myself ,as I never get alone time ,and prolly wont for awhile hehe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rofl: so far it will include pedicure ,massage, maybe buying something for myself at ulta , and some comfy pajamas for around the house after baby is born ,last min baby supplies and then going to cheesecake factory and picking up a slice of my fav cheesecake …coming home and ordering a pizza for my little family and movie night with all my little loves #theperfectday