What are some tips for traveling with a toddler?

I need some help, guys. I just broke up with my boyfriend and moving out of state; it’s a 24-hour drive. So it’ll be over several days for this drive cause I don’t wanna rush. I have an almost 3 yr old girl. What are some tips for traveling, things that make it easier, entertainment? Really anything and everything. It’s been a rough week, and I just need some major help and even some just encouraging words.


Snacks and lots of stops. Toys/activities for the car. Tablet or DVD player if she has one.


Snacks, drinks, favorite toys, activities/games, a portable DVD player for movies, a favorite pillow and blanket for car naps, and plan for LOTS of stops for potty and leg stretching. Also, keep in contact with someone while you are traveling so someone knows where you are at each stop and when/where you’ll be staying each time you stop to sleep.


When my brothers and I were young my grandparents gave us each a paper bag full of little wrapped presents. We were allowed to open 1 each hour. Most were McDonald’s happy meal toys, small scratch pads, books, stickers… Maybe you could wrap a few small things so your little one has a few surprises and new things to play with along the way.


Snacks snacks an alot of it!!!
Plenty of fluids, tablet, her favourite movies downloaded on to it, music onto your play list of her favourite songs, an park stops along the way, :grin: all the best!

Portable DVD player 45$ at Walmart. As well as a phone or tablet works. Color books crayons Disney movie cds. Work. Making up games as uou go. Drinks snacks. Blankets. Pillow. Teddy bears and toys.

Try to limit how much they drink during the drive give more to drink about an hour before you know you need gas again. Tablet or something for movies/shoes. I wedge my phone in the headrest on the passenger side so they can see it but can’t touch it. Favorite toys/blanket and some clean snack food. Bring baby wipes and TP too you’ll find you will need them lol kids bop or other sing along cds are handy too if your kid likes music. Travel pillow for children.

We drove 72hours with a 1 2 an 4 year old… music snacks drinks yes laptop or tablet with movies our car has built in DVD player so that was good just keep her entertained as much as you can my 3 slept most of the way did get really hard at some point but with one kid should be easy

Tablet and DVD player are life savers

Stay safe. Lock up. Don’t be afraid to call state police if needed. Keep eyes and ears open. Becareful and know you got this!

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If you do the snack thing , make sure not high sugar snacks

ok this isn’t possible for some with vision problems, but if you can maybe try most of your driving at night if you want to cover more ground. traveling with my four year old is a nightmare if the drive is more than an hour, doesn’t matter if she had her tablet, toys, YouTube, etc. each kid is different. also even if your kid is potty trained, have them wear a pull up just in case (accidents in carseats are a nightmare). lots of snacks, lots of water. and plan for more travel days than you would think. I did a major move (about a 13 hour drive normally) with my daughter, and it took three days. another trip that was normally 9 hours took us two days

Snacks, tablet or dvd player, kids music, books on CD or a kids pod cast, and toys. Only stop in a rest area if it’s busier. Try not to travel at night. Stop driving before dinner, eat and go to a park so your baby can stretch it’s legs.
Find your next place to stay before you leave the current one, you can estimate how long you’ll travel and where youll end up. Don’t leave it to the last minute, that’s when you might find yourself in a sketchy place. Stay vigilant, keep your doors locked keep your eyes and ears open you got this💞!!! Oh and always check in with someone, that way in case something happens (anything can happen) someone will know where you are or about where you are so every couple hours just let somebody know your progress or let them know if you stopped what city you’re in and the name of the hotel/motel.

Great ideas… when mine were that age and I traveled, I had a potty chair in my truck, just in case. Stop where she (and you) can play a few minutes. If you do the movie thing for her, have ear phones. Put your snacks in baggies (serving size) so there’s less spillage and it its just her size.

Not sure where you are, but hopefully the weather is good and I just google mapped things on my route like parks for kids or something along that line. Found lots of great little playgrounds and scenic areas where you can get out for 30 mins, take a potty break and then move along. Also hotels that have resturants/CVS etc, within walking distance help, as once you get unpacked for the night it will be hard to get your child back in the car for a bite to eat or a run to grab something. At least it was for me…

Stay strong its not easy!

Snacks and favorite movies!!! Me and my sister drove for probably about 5 hours (not out of state) but favorite movies on a phone and some snacks… keep your head up mommas !!!

Snacks, iPad, books, when we go on a road trip we stop to stretch or eat out. Then head back.

Make sure you have all their favorites with you: Blanket, Cup, Lovey, pajamas. I moved from FL to NC with a 3 and 4 1/2 year old after starting over and leaving their father and his family behind and having those things made it seem like we were going on a fun trip. Thankfully my sister was able to meet us close to half way, so that helped having a familiar face to be surprised with.