What are some unique at home date night ideas?

What are some unique date night ideas that you can or have done since COVID?


Watch movies after the kids are in bed…a bottle of wine and dinner in the back yard…play cards…dominoes…test each other on bible verses we all have to make much of the situation…and for me its the best as we get to spend the time together at home…


We were doing this before COVID but we usually play video games or board games together, watch a movie after the kids go to bed, cook

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Order take out and play a new board game or card game, get paint supplies and try to do a paint tutorial on YouTube, find a new recipe to cook together or have a cook off…who can make the better dish if you’re competitive.

Look into Bonding Bees!! My husband ordered us games from their website and they are made just for you and your partner. They have multiple different board/card games that feature different questions or challenges like trivia, finish the lyrics, who knows who best, what would your partner do, charades, etc. They challenge you to be open, silly, and even embarrass yourself, you learn new things about your partner as well. There are “steamy” categories too that have you kiss their neck or hug or give them a little dance or tell them 5 things that you love about them. They are truly awesome! Great way to bond and pass the time. :blush: 10/10 would reccomend and they arent too expensive either.

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We did a indoor “campout”!! We made some grill packs from pinterest built a pillow fort ate them and watched a movie. After we roasted marshmallows over the grill and made smores in our “tent”

Watch movie in backyard on projector, with blanket on lawn an snacks/drinks. We also loved doing the murder mystery box. Look it up, such a unique game.

Order a pizza and watch a Netflix movie

Candle-lit dinner for two on your patio/deck/yard

Blindfolded baking! One is blindfolded the other directs! So much fun

Get out the old picture albums and go thru them.

Kinda cheesy but me and hubby have laid in bed and take turns playing short clips from the music of (our generation) and the other guessing! The memory stories from the songs bring laughter and sharing. I now “totally goofy”

Enjoyed our pool, took a ride in the golf cart, played wit the dogs, cooked together and just sometimes took a ride in the car

My husband and I did paint by numbers and Bob Ross paintings. We have also gotten murder mystery games or they make escape game you can play at home.

Started making things with perler beads

Battleship, yahtzee, etc. Really makes the bond stronger. We have fun and laugh.