What are some unique boy names?

Looking for not so common baby boy names! Due in a few weeks and we haven’t agreed on anything.

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Donovan, damon, merrick,

Braxton, Kai, Briggs

I’ve always wanted a son named Kaine

I always liked Caspian

Westley, Cortland, Ander, Grayson, Finley, Quinton, Asher, colton

Our sweetheart is named Vincent James

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We named our son Asher. We havent heard of any other people with a boy with that name.

My son is Lincoln Alexander :slight_smile:

My sons name is Nova!

My son is Beaudin, the spelling of the name orginally is Bohdan if you want to look it up on name websites

Our second son is ledger rain

Malakai, spelling it as kai at the end which that means sea or ocean in Hawaiian.