What are some vacations that you have been on with a baby 6-10 months old?

My daughter has been begging us to go on a vacation, so around April, we were thinking about going somewhere. I am nervous that we won’t get to do much because we have a son who will be ten months old. She wants to go to Disneyworld, which could be in our budget, but I feel like we won’t get to do much there because of our son. Has anyone been to Disney with a child that young? Was it a good or bad experience? Also, where are some places you have vacationed that was easy with a baby?


Expect long days.

It’s very crowded, and you essentially wait in lines most of the day.

So I live near Disney world and have been going since my son was 4 months old. Just bring enough! But we did take a cruise when my son was 8 months and it wasn’t too bad I wore him in a baby carrier most the time!

We live about an hour away from
Gatlinburg. We went there to a small cabin with my son when he was 2.5 months old for a long weekend. It was great! Not too far of a drive and very relaxing for all of us.


You’d be surprised how many rides a baby can ride at Disney! I mean I’ve not done disneyworld, we have Disneyland passes and started going all the time when my daughter was 12 months old. She was able to ride most rides except maybe a handful that required a height requirement. :slightly_smiling_face: So much fun, love Disney!

I went with a 3 week old and wore her the entire time at disneyworld. All 4 parks and got to ride some rides too. If you can take your time, do it! Baby will probably fall asleep in the stroller or if you babywear.

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Leave the baby with a sitter


It’s doable. We took our 1 year old to Disney and he was able to go on most rides with us. It’s just hot and busy so we got a bit miserable :joy: just plan ahead. Get fast passes as soon as you get your tickets so you’ll at least be able to do a few rides a day.

I personally wont take a kid that young to Disney,thats just my personal preference. But people do it all the time.

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St. Pete’s Beach FL when my son was 10-11 months. It was hot so he was exhausted more then usual. We had to plan around his schedule more then we thought, but we had a blast!

Most rides at disney that the baby can not ride with you, have parent swaps. Different lines and each parent gets to ride. Or take someone along with you to care for the baby while at the parks.

Take a grandparernt wit u

I flew to Europe with my 1 year old. it’s do able, just won’t get to do as much as you’d like. expect high stress lol.

We took our 7 month old to Myrtle Beach. His first time swimming in the pool and LOVED IT. he also loved the beach (fell asleep for his morning nap to the sound of the waves every day) but didn’t like the actual ocean much. We had a great time for our first family vacation!

We took our 3 year old and twin 1 year olds to Disneyland and honestly I wished I would have waited to go or at least left my twins home and take them back when they are old enough to listen better and didnt want to wonder off all the time. It was hard. My 3 year old was good and had fun on the rides but the long waits for the twins were hard. We also had to go back to the hotel for them to nap and missed out on alot of time we could have spent in the park :woman_shrugging: but that’s just my experience, yours could go alot smoother lol :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I would do Disney waterpark

Leave the baby with some family.

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A week after me and my husband got married we went to Gatlinburg with our then 9 month old. She loved the aquarium

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My son was 8 months when we went! He slept in the stroller with my husband or in laws while my 2 year old and I went on rides.

Before you plan a trip like that reach out to Lissa Pennisi Ryan. She would be able to tell you more about how that would be an your limitations with a baby.