What are some ways I can announce my pregnancy after I give birth?

I’m 24 weeks pregnant and haven’t announced on any social media my closest friends, And family members know I’m very high risk and aged 38 I want to do a FUN reveal in the hospital when my little girl is born could you ask other mums for some ideas on how to reveal I also have four older kids thank you can’t wait to see some ideas


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You could do “Now mom really has her hands full” with all the big kids hands underneath the new baby


Caption …“Just a lil something I cooked in my oven” and have a picture of the bby wrapped up in a tortilla blanket.



“We thought we were through but then there was YOU” :black_heart:


I had a friend just announce her baby (no one knew she was pregnant) by posting a picture of the baby saying she took her other kids for a walk and “found” a baby. The baby was in a Moses basket bundled up like the babies in movies when they are left at an orphanage with a note that said “need a good home”. It was super cute


What wrong with just posting a picture of new baby and saying i would like to introduce ?? Simple


Wait, you’re not telling your closest friends & family you’re pregnant until baby is born? Thats… Different.

I posted a picture of the baby and said “oops I did it again “ it was kinda simple not sure if that what your looking for but I thought the caption was kinda funny :joy: good luck momma !:heart:


We did this with my last baby. Only our parents, my sister and 2 friends knew and we announced it on FB after I gave birth, while still in the hospital. I posted a picture of him and wrote:. Look what we picked up at the pet store today! Anyone know what these things eat? Everyone was surprised…lol


A family photo and the baby has on something that says I’M NEW HERE.

I mean, at that point it’s pretty obvious. You can just walk into a room with your baby and go “Tada!” and everyone will get the gist. Maybe some confetti if you’re feeling flashy.

Cute photo shoots seem popular. Pick a theme you like and have fun.


Maybe do a Zoom meeting (or whatever media platform you choose) and invite everyone for a social hour (covid) and you have a big hug of apple juice b/c you can’t drink and nurse baby. Then have hubby bring baby in and say “your turn to change baby”

I never announced my last pregnancy. When we brought him home we got a really good picture of the 3 kids together snuggling and that’s the picture that went to social media announcing our newest addition. I literally had people asking if we adopted lol. The caption was " proud big brother and big sister!"

Kylie Jenner over here lol :joy:

Oooh, you could maybe come up with an idea that relieves everyone’s tension about Covid-19. Tell them you went into quarantine and came out with a baby or something. I dunno. Lol

I understand you are high risk and don’t want to announce until after birth in case pregnancy doesn’t make it to full term. I get it. Have a “bun in the oven” party after you are home from hospital and settled. You can make a recording and send to friends via text or messenger inviting them with like a kitchen timer singing and say something like look what we’ve been cooking! Make some themed pastries and drinks to go with it in baby’s sex color

Facebook live & invite all your friends…start it with the camera focused on something very obviously baby related then pan the camera round to reveal you sitting with baby for the surprise reveal!

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It’s usually the other way around. We announce our pregnancy, then we give birth.
And WHY would a woman keep it a secret and how can you if you’re getting bigger??? :thinking:

you want to announce your baby after she’s born and don’t want to tell nobody during your pregnancy right? You should leave hints, not obvious hints though just something people could say you were leaving hints and they didn’t notice lol if not and you think that they will understand too fast just don’t collage. Look around Pinterest maybe you’ll find something. “Good luck and congratulations”