What are some ways I can build up my milk supply?

Hi, I just had my baby on July 24th. I am breastfeeding and pumping. I am finding myself only pumping 1 1/2 ounces every 2 hours. I am super exhausted because she has been staying up a lot at night. I want to build my milk supply up, but I would like some advice on what has worked for you. I am drinking a lot of water, eating oatmeal, and drinking mother’s milk tea, etc. Thanks for the tips!

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Body armor is great for milk supply!

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Pump after feeding. Try anything with coconut milk.

Make sure you’re pumping every time you’re feeding

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Body armor did wonders for me

keep eating, Ice cream helped for me

You can buy brownies at the store and they will help

Fenugreek helps and drinking a beer or two a day helps.

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Eating avocados helps. There are also supplements that help too

Skin to skin with baby.

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I don’t think you need to be pumping that much. Just a haaka to catch it was enough for me to build a 60oz stash without doing anything special.

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Try relaxing as much as possible while pumping. Think about the baby and your favorite things about her. When you think about her while pumping it you should help your milk to let down and it can let down multiple times. Also pump one boob while she’s eating on the other one.

Pumping is not an accurate indicator to how much milk you have.

The more you pump/nurse, the more milk your body will produce.

No matter what I did, how often I pumped/fed or ate nothing worked. Ever. Tried supplements and oatmeal etc nothing. We supplement with formula which has been amazing, daddy feeds him, he stays full longer and I still give him as much as I can! Makes working full time, sleeping at night much easier!

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My doc told me drink a beer ea day


I had a really hard time keeping my supply up while living in AZ. Stay hydrated and when it got low I would eat a big bowl of real oatmeal. It was almost instantly that my supply would pick back up. I was also told by my doctor that pumping actually helps decrease your supply so try to breastfeed naturally as much as possible and every hour if it got low. Also, don’t drain the breasts completely bc the body won’t try to keep up if you do that.

Make sure your eating enough calories.

You don’t have a bad supply. You’re actually doing really amazing.

These also help to collect wasted milk. I use one as I’m pumping and able to collect about 3 oz all together.