What are some ways I can help my daughter calm down?

My 6yr old is very active. She can be wild and hyper at times. I would like to have some ideas for calming her down when she gets to be too wild and cant figure out how to calm herself down. We already have coloring activities for her, but she doesn’t always want to do that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Ps. She is in all-day kindergarten.


Try putting her in a sport like gymnastics at night to get all the energy out

Puzzles. That might help to keep her mind focused on the one task, instead of being all over the place.

Yoga, still moving but you focus on breathing. It’s very calming.

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Eliminate sugar from her diet. You’ll be surprised how much food has an impact on behavior.


A glitter jar can help when it’s time to transition to quiet time! There are different recipes online but basically glitter glue, glycerin, water, food coloring. Shake it and have her watch the glitter slowly settle, taking deep breaths while watching.


More activity, not less. Get her in a sport. Martial arts will help build confidence, disipline & get that energy out. Take her to the park to run & play with other kids.


Burn bay leaves in the room you all are in , it has a very natural way of calming everyone down , works great!

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Greatly reduce sugar and eliminate red dye 40. Activities with her hands will help. Things that get her hands and mind moving.


Kids aren’t supposed to sit in class all day. Go hiking or some gymnastics and cut down to half day.

Change her diet, physical activity scheduled regularly, a steady schedule for bedtime, love her


My son is all natural energy. Doesn’t get much sugar or TV (partly because he cant sit still long enough) I literally take my son to an empty parking lot immediately after school and let him ride his scooter for an hour & parks on Fridays for as long as I can.
It’s been an amazing solution for me

Let her be active. Dance, gymnastics, swimming…

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I do breathing excersizes with my boys. I started for myself due to anxiety and they’ve learned we do it together

Sensory bins may help too. Play dough, kinetic sand, rainbow rice, etc

She has to sit in class all day, so give her activities she can burn some of that energy doing for at the very least an hour or two when she gets home. Get her into a sport of some sort. Hopefully after that she’ll be ready to be calm. Maybe even pick up some cheap craft kits from a craft store or dollar store.


Slime, painting, music, laughing spending real time with her

Normal 6 year old behavior! She needs outlets for all that energy. Sports, karate, dance. Playing at the park, taking walks, jumping on a trampoline, dance party with her momma, etc.

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Help her find activities that will give her the exercise she needs.

Sensory sack, best $20 I ever spent for my hyperactive 7 year old