What are some ways I can improve my milk supply?

Does any of your moms know a way to improve milk supply? I’m breast feeding my little one, and my supply is slowing down. Any advice or ideas is welcomed.


My doctor told me flaxseed, oats, fenugreek and pumping as much as possible.

Body armor drinks. I drink 1 if not 2 a day and has helped tremendously! Feed ur baby as often as possible.

Water water water! Drink at least 2 or 3 liters of water a day!


Mother’s milk tea, also keep yourself hydrated.

There is no magical food or drink. It’s about supply and demand. The more you latch, the more you’ll make. Stay hydrated, and don’t take supplements. They can dry you up

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Lots of latching, lots of pumping. If little one feeds pump even just for a few minutes after it will help. Pump often and as regularly as you can (every two hours or whatever you can do for example)

Brewers yeast, oats, flax seed, lots and lots of fluids (like way more than you think you need)

Eating healthy and regularly can help too because it is ALOT of work lol

I never had a good supply, tried everything under the sun to try and help. She fed off both breasts, I then pumped for 30 more minutes afterwards. Ended up having to supplement because I just wasn’t producing and she was losing weight. Only made it to 5months 3 weeks breastfeeding. I say this to tell you not to feel bad if you just can’t continue breastfeeding. BF’ing took a toll on my mental health after awhile, only now 3 years later, am I involved in such amazing motherhood groups who offer advice. Stay strong and do what you need mama, just offering the flip side if it all becomes too much! You’re doing awesome! :muscle:t3: :heart::heart:

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Oatmeal and lots of fluids!!

Real oatmeal with ground flaxseed and brewers yeast. A dark beer. Pump after feeds. Depending on how old your baby is this might be normal.

Electrolytes, tons of hydration, oats in any form

They have emergency brownies & other food products that helps with supply

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If your vitamin D is low you will not produce. Or have enough . I had the same problem talk to your doctor about a vitamin D test ASAP and get a supplement


My husband helped, and liked it :smiley:

Honestly oatmeal helped my supply so much!

Drink ALL the water. Latch baby as much as possible. It’s supply and demand. Make sure you’re eating enough, too. More calories equals more milk. Oatmeal helps, I think. If you can get with a lactation consultant in your area, I would highly suggest doing that!! They’re so insightful and can make sure baby is latching well, too. You got this momma!! :heart:

I hear that the Body Armour sports drinks are great!

So I have same issue. I got upspring milk flow from target and I really didn’t see a difference. So now I’m trying the mother’s milk tea. I’ve been drinking it for two days and my milk supply has increased about 2 oz each breast every time I pump. Down part is that it taste like black licorice.

I had the same problem and when mine started slacking off my ducts clogged constantly… Warm showers, pumping, massage and staying hydrated helped alot… I did mothers milk and body armours too… A Manuel pump helped alot too when I got really sore, I didnt think it was as irritating as my electic pump

Pump before nursing. Get a few ounces to freeze before you start. Your supply will increase because the demand increased. Pump first, the baby will trigger maternal hormones.