What are some ways my kids and I can give back?

What are some ways you give back, especially during the holidays? My oldest will be 3 this December, so I really want to start a tradition of giving to others in need during the holidays, but I need some inspiration! How do you get your littles involved?


Holiday cards for nursing homes!

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Giving back year round is also a reputable trait to teach.


One year we made treats and toys and donated to pet shelter

Adopt a family for Christmas that’s in need. Whether it be gifts, Christmas dinner…

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Adding to the gifts on the Xmas trees in stores – IF they have them where you are.
If there are any elderly people in your neighbourhood , who don’t get visitors , start visting them throughout the year.

Donate to your nearest charity such as salvation army food , gifts donations whatever need be. Your nearest pet shelter.buy pet food money whatever. Put together a small hamper.give to a needy family u know

Every Christmas my kids will go through their clothes and toys and pack a box of things to donate for kids in need.


If there is a toy drive in your area have your little one pick out a toy or two to donate. Just explain that the toy may go to another little boy who may not have any

We always “adopt a family”. My son helps shop for gifts for the children in the family we adopt-usually there’s a child his age in the family. My son also works in the food pantry through our church with some of his friends.

Go through old toys and clothes for donations to kids less fortunate. Or if you have the extra funds you can “adopt” a family go buy gifts for or a thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.
Most churches have programs for these.

Salvation Army, soup kitchens( if they’re doing them because of covid-19) donate to toy drives, send Christmas cards to children in hospitals, angel trees.
There is a lot of different options!

Read one story where family would donate to organizations and place envelope on tree and family would open it up on Christmas Day

Please make cards for assisted living and nursing homes​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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You can make cards or pictures and just deliver to any front desk- make a few, make a bunch! They would be so grateful

We have an elf on the shelf. He helps us find things we no longer need, toys clothes etc… and on xmas eve we put it all under our tree for Santa to take to other kids who could use it. (We donate everything)

My daughter and I are making cards for a few nursing homes and for local EMT’s and firefighters in memory of her aunt.

Make cookies and deliver them to your local VFW or a veterans home.
You can call your local VFW or American legion ask to get in contact with the commander see if they do a cookie drive

Make personal care packs or cards for shelters.pick out a toy and drop it off at a women’s shelter.

Let them pick out toys to give, and let them pick out of about 3 charities to give it to.