What are some ways to break a child from their pacifier?

Okay, Mamas, I have a friend that is at her wit’s end; she is trying to break her 16-month-old son from the pacifier. I am no help to her at all because neither of my children like taking it. Any suggestions? Although I’m sure just not giving it to them is probably the solution.


Throw it away! It will ruin their teeth.

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Yup it will be hard few days but just throw them out.

Just throw them all away. Might be a rough 1 or 2 days but when they see there’s no changing it they get past it

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Cut it in half- they won’t want it anymore lol

Throw them away one at a time. Also cut the tips off each one.

Cut a tiny slit in the top of it.

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Throw them all away! It might be rough the 1st day or 2 but they will eventually forget about it. That was the only way I could break my kids from theirs.

My daughter was almost three and obsessed with her soother! I took it from her in the night, cut the nub, and when she woke up told her she is a big girl and doesn’t need it. She walked up and put it in the garbage herself. She asked for it for a few days, bedtime was hard, but we got over it! Every kid is different. Best of luck mama

My girl lost hers one night. It was 2 days of hell without it but so worth being rid of it​:innocent: good luck!!:four_leaf_clover:

Just throw it away. It’s so bad for their teeth…

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Cut the tip off is what I’ve heard


When I wanted to break my son (now 5) from his I originally thought that his teacher forgot to send it home so I told him that his teacher gave it to the Nippie Fairy. Fortunately that’s all it took.

Yes, unfortunately it’s the same thing for me and bottles… if I didn’t offer it, it wouldn’t be a problem! I know a friend of mine had her 16M old “help” throw his pacifiers away. It gave him a sense of being part of the solution!

I just broken my daughter from her pacifier just take it away it’s going to be rough couple of days it’s was with my daughter

Iv heard cutting them shorter and shorter helps! But my biggest suggestion is to not give a child a pacifier from the start. Make a schedule and stick by it as much as possible, along with a nighttime routine and always change them into pjs at night so they realize it’s time to go to bed if they aren’t doing the usual nighttime routine

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Both my kids broke the habit by me cutting the tip off. Then every other day I’d cut just a bit more off until it was of no interest to them

Cut the tip and cut a little more each day and by the end of the week theres nothing left to suck on

I had all 3 of my kids throw them away themselves.

I told my son it was time to throw them away because he was a big boy and talked about his teeth. I had him throw them away and then we went to Walmart and he got to pick out a comfort stuffie