What are the best sippy cups for transitioning from a bottle?

Best sippy cups to transition from bottle?


I didn’t choose by brand, just leak proof with handles.

Soft top ones from Walmart

My baby was very attached to his bottle and it took a week of trial and error…munchkin gentle trainor transition cup worked for us

Anything legal proof iui there wise its gonna be a mess 24/7

Anything spill proof and I did no handles. It’s really all choice and preferably everyone likes different things. It’s mainly just seeing what they and u like and are comfortable with

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I liked the miracle 360 cups cuz there’s not a lot of little valves or parts to clean.

My kids prefered mam or nuk

He was off the bottle at 7 or 8 months

I used Nuk, tried a couple before that and she wouldn’t take them although now she only likes the soft nipple sippy cups lol

We taught our daughter how to use a straw. She went from a bottle to these around 11 months.

I used nuby for both of mine xx

I use nuby as they have the bottle nipple and the sippy cup nipple

I’m on the same boat my little man attached him self to nipple bottles and I keep getting told to try get him off them but it’s so hard
He got off the pacifiers like it was nothing but the bottles I cant get him off

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I like the nuk sippy and the new dr brown transition sippy

Definitely nuk trainer cups. I had same issues with my now 3 year old

This is what I used the cheap ones. He was off a bottle at 7 or 8 months.

Dr browns has transition bottles. Like a bottle but has a sippy cup top and removable rubber handles

The ones with weighted straws, then they can drink from it no matter which angle they are holding the cup

Best way? Don’t. Go strait to a normal plastic cup. Kid will dump it the first few times, but will learn the trick within a day. That’s what we did with all 3 of mine, drinking out of normal cups before a year old.