What are the best ways to clean the outside of a fridge?

Okay, moms, this isn’t baby related, but tips on what to use to clean the exterior of my fridge? It’s not a cool stainless steel one. It’s an old school one with the bumpy texture. Cleaning products and the best type of rag/sponge?


Lysol and a Mr clean magic eraser. I have the same type of fridge.


Depends on what your cleaning off… magic erasers are nice.409 or a degreaser and paper towels


Nail brush and any kind of cleaner will work

Vim or Comet cream cleansers with a dish rag

Maybe the Magic eraser

I use Mr. Clean spray for EVERYTHING!

Lmao i use baby wipes on my fridge thats 22years old

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Try magic eraser from dollar store and also the oxy powder diluted with some water. Should come out clean as a whistle.:hugs:

Magic eraser and simple green

I use scrubing bubbles with clorox and spray let it foam and wipe away like 5 minutes later

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Goo gone oven and grill!!! Best damn invention ever. It will clean everything u throw at it including the worse of the worse ovens in a couple seconds.

I usually just use some kind of spray 409 or Mr Clean. Magic erasers are good too

Wipe down with vim cream and dish soap with a wet cloth, let sit so it releases the grime then wipe out use a good scrub pad (I prefer scotch Brite extra strength but maybe wash it first it it leaves little green pieces from the scrub) then wipe with clean water. For fridge door handles I use magic eraser it get the black grime it tends to build up.

I use grease lightingmo

Magic eraser is what we used. And it helped tremendously

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Magic eraser cleans a lot and it cleans good

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Degreaser and a toothbrush. But that was quite a long time ago. I’d try a magic eraser first, it’s probably easier.

409 with a good scrubber and magic eraser. Also, pure Clorox and some Ajax with bleach. Let it sit a few min and scrub off.

If you have little kids i recommend just dish soap and any rag