What are the chances I could be pregnant?

So I missed the pill three days in a row and had unprotected sex. I took the pill the morning after but forgot to take it again. Is there a chance I could be pregnant?


If you dont know the answer to this then you definitely shouldnt be having sex.:roll_eyes:


Yes but its to early to guess. How long have you been taking it? And maybe you should have doubled up a few days until you got back on track. Theres always a possibility even on birth control.

Congratulations lady!:baby:

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Depends. There’s always a ‘chance’, but realistically it’s incredibly low. Especially if you’re not near your fertile window.


Yes and that’s your problem :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:. By the way Congratulations wish u the best

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I mean it could depend on if you were ovulating …

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Girl, take your pills and TRACK YOUR OVULATION. I use the period tracker app. Take a test if you miss your period, and consider yourself lucky if it’s negative but you’re playing Russian roulette at this point.


I got pregnant on the pill WITHOUT missing any days. So yes.


Keep us updated! Let us know if you are!

Doing that and knowing you missed a pill.if you didnt want to chance it should have taken the morning after pill…

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No. The pill is like an all mighty blanket that keeps the peskiest of sperm at bay. OF COURSE THERE IS A CHANCE lol


Oh yeah, I did the same thing and now I have baby #3

If you’re not call your dr and get a iud, its obvious you can’t remember to take your meds


If you’re having sex, even on BC, there’s a chance you can be pregnant. Your chances are higher missing and so I’d test as soon as possible. Most importantly though get educated on your body and your meds and get yourself into a routine that works! You will end up pregnant eventually doing it this way


No absolutely no chance at all after having unprotected sex, none whatsoever


How I feel about this question…


Anything is possible. But why are you missing your pills? I set an alarm on my phone. Helps me remember.

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Damn. Please set an alarm to take your pill. Or put it on top of your phone when you go to bed so it’s right there when you wake up.

Dang girl why are u forgetting so much lol