What are the chances of getting pregnant at 41?

I’ve been with my significant other just recently decided we wanted to have another baby. I’m 41 years old. I’m wondering if anyone on here has gotten pregnant at this age, it is even possible anymore, and there is anything I can due to help my chances of conceiving…I know it’s a long shot, but I know women are having babies later in life. I’m hoping my window hasn’t close.


It’s possible. And im sure you know the “risks” as long as you ovulate and still have a period it can happen

You should really speak with your OB/GYN about the pros, cons and risks. You are in a high-risk category. I’m sure it’s quite possible for you to get pregnant but you should know the pregnancy risks before you try it


Get on folic acid and prenatal pills.

my friend had her first child at 42 and my great gramma had her last child at 60…truth

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why? are you gonna have the energy to keep up with them when they hit say 14 and wanna go do all this stuff with you that a 14 year old wants to do?


I had my baby girl at 41. While she was a surprise baby and we weren’t trying with her…
I do suggest taking elevit (prenatal vitamins) and tracking your ovulation with clearblue digital.
All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m 44 with a 7 month old I got pregnant on birth control pills and my dr said I’m healthy so I could prob have a few more​:joy::woman_facepalming: but I’m done this is my 5th my oldest is 26 and the others are 23, 20 ,15 and 7 ms


About to be 37 all’s I can say is don’t plan on going back to work once those precious baby blues look at you

My mom had my brother at 45…

not trying be down on this im speaking from experience

My grandma’s last was when she was 45

My step mom accidentally got pregnant at 45. It becomes a high risk pregnancy though.


I was 38 during my last (and final) pregnancy. It was by far the best of my three pregnancies. They call it a geriatric pregnancy but it is what it is. I didn’t feel geriatric. Lol


As long as ur having a period it’s possible start taking a prenatal and get an ovulation predictor test it will tell u ur most optimal days of ovulation…the risk comes in when the egg that uve had ur hole life so the egg is 40 something yrs old is fertilized then weather or not ur body is healthy enough to carry a baby even if the baby has complications

44 with a 7 month the old🥰


It can happen until you completely stop having a period/ovulating

I don’t know why women think when they hit a certain age they can’t have children as long as you’re having a period and don’t have any fertility issues going on then you can still have kids. I’m 41 I’m done having kids but I’ve had so many classmates that have had kids over 40 and have healthy babies

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My dr says it’s absolutely fine to have a baby in early 40’s but your chance gets less and less as you get older

My mom had me at 40 and my brother at 42 so it’s very possible, idk how likely though