What are the chances of getting pregnant at 41?

My grandma had my aunt at 45 years old it is possible absolutely! I have an aunt who’s almost 3 years younger than me :exploding_head:

I did at 43 really wasn’t trying but glad as it was a girl finally

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My aunt had her 7th at 43.

Yes it happened to my mom when she was 42! It was a big surprise pregnancy so anyone can get Preg in 40s. It would be possible

My mom had my twin and I at 43 years old :slightly_smiling_face:

There are women in their 50s - 70s having babies with modern medicine. It’s definitely still possible.

My mom had my sister at 40 we know a lady that had her son at 47

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My mom had my little sister at 43 and my sister had her first at 41.

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I’m 40 and due in 7 weeks

I know someone who had their last child at 45/46. Anything is possible. I had my last at 39 and was high risk.

I rarely comment on these but, it is possible! My mom had me when she was 40, 13 months later my little brother showed up! I know it was harder for her to stay pregnant, she told me she lost two others before me. I would just say talk to your doctor and make sure you’re healthy enough still :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck to you both!

As long as you haven’t completed menopause, it’s still possible. So, if Aunt Flo still visits, you’re good too go, if your body agrees.

I’m 41 and due in June which will also be my 42nd birthday

I had my son at 46 with no help. There is hope!

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Just had one at 43 gonna have another at 44. It’s actually pretty common now days. Even the nurse had hers at 43.

My mom had me at 41, her mom had her at 40. It’s possible, just talk to your doctor.

Menopause closes that window for natural… I’m in my 40’s with a 2 yr old so it’s definitely possible!! Eat healthy and take prenatal vitamins :blush: good luck to you!

I am and conceived at 40. My husband and I followed a low carb eating plan for 4 months prior (and had been trying to get pregnant), it worked!

It most likely hasn’t closed. I am 40 years old and is 14 weeks pregnant now. Your best bet is go to your doctor and talk to them about all this.

I got pregnant with my 1st at 40, delivered at 41. Got pregnant at 45 delivered at 46 with my second. All with PCOS and endometriosis!