What are the chances of getting pregnant while EBF?

My baby just turned 4 months old. I exclusively breast feed and my period has not returned yet. I am really trying to get pregnant again. I want another baby right away. My mom has 5 kids and 2 sets of us are 11 months apart and I really want that for my baby. Google tells me its impossible to get pregnant while exclusively breast feeding. I want to know real stories from real people. Has anyone in this group gotten pregnant right after giving birth while exclusively breastfeeding? What are the chances of it happening? Thank you so much!


Happened with me my girls are 15 months apart.

I got pregnant exclusively breastfeeding and hadn’t had a period yet.

My kids are 360 days apart. I was EBF. Totally possible.

Happened to me also my son and daughter are 15 months apart.

my kids are 15m apart I ebf my daughter Got pregnant with my son when she was 6mo. I hadn’t had a period someone stayed with us and she was on hers and bam I started then pregnant.

It happened to me my boys are the same age for 3 weeks every year

If you’re serious about getting pregnant get you a box of ovulation test and take them everyday for a month and see if you’re ovulating yet

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It is very possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding. Many, many surprise pregnancies are caused by this misinformation.

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Yes it will happen my 2nd and 3rd are 15 month apart exclusively bf

Breastfeeding isn’t birth control.


Ebf is not contraception method. We got pregnant while ebf, due any moment now


It really depends! My youngest child I didn’t start ovulating again till she was 15+mos old.

I’m trying to respond with out sounding crass or mean. But where did you ever get the idea you cant get pregnant while breast feeding. Its and old wives tale. Yes you can. Some women get their cycles back aver 8 weeks even breast feeding others not until they wean but you CAN ovulate during that time. I know 3 personally that got pregnant breast feeding one momma tandem fed hers sometimes your milk dries up.


It can happen, but i would advise waiting because your body needs time to recover from birth. If you feel youre ready thats okay but at 4 months i still had back pain


You have a 6% chance of getting pregnant while ebf. I had to stop breastfeeding in order to get pregnant at 13 months…but some do get pregnant so it’s best to have a birth control method if you don’t want to be pregnant :slightly_smiling_face:

Breast feeding isnt birth control so i dont know what would make you think you cant get pregnant

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Very easy lol 1 week 2 weeks apart.

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Yup happened to me twice.

You can still get pregnant.