What are the chances that I could be pregnant?

I need advice…please keep this anonymous. A little back story - on my last birth control pack, I accidentally started my Estrylla birth control pack one day early, on August 1st, but it was supposed to be August 2nd. Well I started my period early (around Aug 16-18, I can’t remember which day, but it was one day that week), and it was really painful. Well, I started a new pack on August 23rd, so the 23-29 would have been my first week in the new pack. I have been extremely busy with work and stuff, so I mistakenly missed Thursday (8/27), took only one pill Friday, and also missed Saturday (29th) and Sunday (30th). My usual cycle is 28 days, like clockwork (I always start on Thursday the week of the placebo pills), and I know you ovulate 14 days before the 1st day of your next period if you have a 28-day cycle. So this means I would ovulate around September 1st. I had unprotected sex with my hubby This Sat (the 29th), not even thinking of the missed pills. My question is, do I need to start a new pack since I have missed three pills? I’ve heard you have to, but I DIDNT miss 3 in a ROW like stated above. I missed Thursday but took my Friday one, and missed Sat and Sun for a little review. So, since my last period seemed to start a little earlier than usual, would my ovulation date be off? I usually have mild cramping during ovulation, and I am currently doing that. What are my chances of getting pregnant due to the three missed pills, and should I start a new pack? Or just take the 3 I missed and one a day until the lack is finished? Has anyone gone through this?


Well normally if you forget to take one day, double up the next and than go back to one. But forgetting two days in a row? And if it’s a low dosage your body could think it’s time to “drain”. Screwed up your system. Missed many pills. Have protected sex and have your period than start over! But congrats you possibly could be prego unless you’ve been on the pill for a long time. See/call the doc. Good luck

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Stay off the “ D” then u won’t have to worry… duh? :roll_eyes:

Precis,did you ever learn this word at school?.

Why are you even posting this on here. Go to the doctor.

I’m just here for the comments :joy::woman_shrugging:


🤦 okay so your ovulation day does not have to be a certain day of your cycle. It can be different days. Your period is probably messed up because you are not taking your pills properly. :roll_eyes: consult your Dr.


Just take the rest of the pack as normal and find a better routine for taking your pills (put the with your toothbrush so you remember them every night when you brush your teeth or something like that) not taking your pills properly is going to effect your period and of course there is a chance you could be pregnant. Your periods are like clockwork because the pills cause them to be. Might want to use other protection for the next week or so as well


Just welcome the bundle with open arms…


Finish the pack normally. You probably aren’t ovulating like you should since you are on the pill. I missed them all the time and never got pregnant until I completely stopped taking them. Your period will probably be irregular since you’ve missed some pills. If you don’t get a period at all then maybe take a test. Other than that I wouldn’t worry.

Wait it out. Can’t find out your pregnant in 2 days. Talk to your doctor, aint nobody here gonna be able to follow that type of logic.


You’re probably not pregnant, but you still should consult a doctor rather than Facebook. Also, you should definitely be more diligent taking your pills regularly or use a different form of birth control unless you’re wanting to have a child.


I got pregnant with my 1st daughter on the pill. I missed 1 day just 1 and yep apparently thats all it takes. I had a bunch of health issues that should have made it almost impossible and yet 1 missed pill sex on 1 weekend and bam welcome my miracle baby :laughing: took me 2 years of trying for my 2nd born. So ya its definitely possible to get pregnant missing a dose


A pharmacist can tell you if you should start a new pack or not. It depends on what day it was in the pack and how many pills. They know all of that. And the possibility of pregnancy not really sure. They might know that too. I switched from the pill to the ring because I wasn’t absorbing the pill and I wanted protection right away. The pharmacist was able to tell me when to do the switch. Good luck!

Has anyone gone through this? :smile::smile:

Um. Take a pregnancy test lol


When you miss a pill you should take 2 the next day. If you miss more than 3 days in a row, you would stop the pill wait for your cycle then start new pack after

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I would just continue the pack you already started

This sounds like a whole mess lol. I would get a birth control plan you can’t forget.


Speak to your pharmacist or doctor.

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