What are the early signs of pregnancy?

I was very tired and when I bent down in the shower, almost passed out.

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Positive pregnancy test

For me, my skin gets really dry and I get more acne.

Super tired and being able to smell everything at least 10x stronger than normal!

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Hot pockets cravings :crazy_face:

I got flu like symptoms with both pregnancy’s before I found out - strangest thing - thought I was dying lol

Sensitive to certain smells and morning sickness

Nausea and exhausted constantly

Everyone is different. I noticed I was tired alot. And of course morning sickness

Nausea , headaches bloated, gassy

I couldn’t hold my pee. It was like I was an over excited puppy with every movement :laughing:

is that a ooops or a wow question

Sore boobs, exhaustion, and a superhero sense of smell all of a sudden :rofl:

Nipples hurt like a bitch

Boobs hurt like crazy!

Unprotected sex maybe :rofl:

My sense of smell got totally enhanced and bad smells made me nauseous.

Breast tenderness, fatigue and nausea were big signs for me but it varies with each person/pregnancy.

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Every woman does not have the exact same signs and symptoms, a lot of women do not even have any signs.

With my third, I took a drink of water and immediately had heartburn… that’s when I knew!!