What are the first signs of pregnancy?

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Missed period/ mood swings, of course everyone’s different. I started gagging for no reason in the mornings so decided to check it out with a test on a whim and here I am 9 months later about to give birth.

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I just knew :joy: but symptom wise the first was really sore boobs and felt really under the weather and tired !


I remember just feeling very airy/bubbly in the stomach, no sickness luckily…and of course no period x

Literally one day could not get my words out at work, was very embarrassing lol the letters of the words would be all jumbled I couldn’t do it again if I tried, was so weird. Made my colleagues laugh :laughing: It made me wonder what was going on and I realised my period was late, brought a test after work & and turned out I was pregnant with my gorgeous boy :boy:t3: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My wine tasted like metal x🤣

You can’t find the man who created it!

Felt like I had a cold and was forgetful