What are the pros and cons of getting your tubes tied?

Pros and Cons of tieing your tubes? I have my third child in November. Hubby and I are 100% sure we don’t want any more children. I had the Mirena IUD, and it was horrible!! Terrible at taking pills, And the arm implant was a bust. Any advice would be great Thank you


Id your unsure about getting your tubes tied you could always do the shot. You go in every 3 months get a shot in your arm and your good to go.

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I had the clamps put in after my second daughter. I was dead set on not having anymore children after my last 8 years ago. I was up and at it within 3 days very quick healing.

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I am having mine removed to 1. sterilize myself 2. lower cancer risk

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He could get snipped.


Cons: you get a pain for maybe a couple months while you heal

Pros: Doctor can do it at the same time as your csection (if you have a csection), no pills or any other form of birth control, no more worrying about missed periods

I’m also having my husband get a vasectomy. That’s also another option.

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I had mine burned off 4 years ago. Decent experience. Healed in a few days. Would recommend.

Heavy periods, way worse PMs symptoms. Not 100% so I shouldn’t have


If you and your hubby have talked about it and you have decided that you are the one who wants to have the procedure then do it. Don’t force him to get snipped if you have already decided that you’ll do it. And honestly I’d want to have the control of the baby making. Because I’m the one who carries the babies so I’m the one who gets fixed. I had my tubes tied and I’m so happy with it. No cons other than I had some air pains for a few days after the procedure but other than that everything has been great! I’m so so happy I went through with it!

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I’m 24 and got mine done almost 2 weeks ago, I was at the place for probably 5-6 hours then went home and I felt perfectly fine. The days following a little sore but it wasn’t bad at all :woman_shrugging:t3:
(I got mine completely removed)

I plan on having mine removed. Could always look into a salpingectomy. It does more than tubal ligation and lowers risk of ovarian cancer, which is nice bonus.

I had mine burned off just 2 years ago I’m done having kids due to so many complications with all 3 pregnancys got them done during my c section same healing for me but everyone is different

I had it and have had no negative side effects. I would say go for it if you don’t want more kids

Have your hubby get snipped. My scar from tieing my tubes is horrible

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I had my third and final pregnancy in February, and had my tubes removed. It was a scheduled c-section, so as far as recovery, it wasn’t anything different. I have yet to have a menstrual cycle since I am nursing, so I don’t know how that will be now that my tubes are removed. I had them removed to lessen the chance of ovarian cancer.

Mine have been tied for 11 years . And I have the worst most god awful periods ever . Pain and heavy bleeding and I mean extremely heavy bleeding .


I had my tubes removed the day after my 3rd was born. Recovery was definitely a little rough, especially since I was breastfeeding and could only take Tylenol for pain management. Was completely healed by my post partum visit though and so far so good. It’ll be a year next month for me.

Got mine done after c section but developed heavy bleeding and had to have hysterectomy 5yrs later…

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I had the Mirena too and it was awful. My husband and I had 2 kids already and we decided that we didn’t want more. That Mirena was killing me. Once I was off of it and had my tubes tired, it was amazing. Until my husband left after 11 years. So now I don’t have an option to have a child with someone else. Have him get a vasectomy instead.


Vasectomy is my advice