What are the pros and cons of kids having comfort items?

I have a question for all the mamas in the group: pros/cons of comfort items? I have a 4mo old daughter who likes to hold things while nursing. Usually, I’d give her my finger to hold, but now I’m working from home and need a free hand. She has one of those little blankets with an elephant head that I’ve been giving to her to hold onto while she nurses (I do not let her sleep with it) but it occurred to me that it quite possibly could become a comfort item for her and being an FTM I’m not sure what that pros/cons are. I’m just imagining losing it in the future and having a very upset child. Thanks!


The only problem I had with that was he lost it at Walmart and we couldn’t find it or one that he liked enough to replace it… two days of him being an angry babes until he gave up/couldn’t remember it

Pro: it helps calm them when you can’t. Con: you mustn’t forget it when out and about and the child will rely on it for comfort. At least that’s the case with my son and his blanket. Whenever he’s upset or gets hurt he asks for his blanket.

I would just try to have an extra one in case you do lose it. My daughter had a monkey blanket that she took everywhere for 2-3 years. We’d lose it but it always had a way of showing up again. I searched and searched for an extra just in case and didn’t find one until she was 3 years old and had just about outgrown it. I happened to see a brand new one at a consignment sale. I still bought it and it was funny to see how clean it was compared to hers (obvi we washed hers all the time but it just got faded and worn out over the years).

My oldest has a teddy bear hes had since birth. I attached a binkie clip to it so it never got lost. Hes 10 and still sleeps with it.

When my son was born I got him addicted to the feel of like the soft fleece blankets because it’s a very common material so can be easily replaced but if he would have grown attached to a certain stuffed animal (he does have a favorite blanket but only because we had a house fire and it’s one of the only that survived) I would buy a few of the said item as back up but also not let him take it into stores or on the play ground it would have to stay at home or in the car

my son had “lambie” when he was little-went with him almost everywhere including bed. But when he was about 2 1/2 after a close call almost losing it at the mall, we instituted a new rule to “keep lambie safe” that he had to “nap in the car” when we were out and about. My son took to that just fine! He continued to carry him in the house, and the car until he was probably about 4. He’s now 13, and honestly, still uses lambie as a pillow at night. It’s just a habit, and not hurting anyone, so we let him do it. He doesn’t bring him with on sleepovers outside the house or anything. Lambie just stays on the bed during the day.

My kids each had their comfort item… Cons… It was a B***h when they lost it… I learned after the 1st one to always have a backup… Aside from that lil fact no issues and it saved me from alot of screaming car rides and fits…

My daughter has 3 comfort items: her bear, her bunny and her blankey. If we go in the car, they have to be with us or she gets very upset. When she’s sick or scared she will reach out for them as well. I don’t have an issues with it really, just annoying having to lug them around sometimes.

Two of my kids wanted “comfort items”. Small blankets, maybe a foot square. (We called the Snuggies)
I completely encouraged them as they help a baby sleep or calm down that’s for sure. But we never stuck to a single item out of fear of it getting lost or damaged. We had 4 or 5 of similar shape but different materials, different colours that we kept in different parts of the house. Soft ones for naps, loud crinkles for bum changes. This way one could get left in the car, or go for laundry and the kid never even noticed.

My daughter has had one of those blankets except it has a chicken on it. She has always loved it and now it’s a must have for her to go to sleep. She is 3 now, the pros to it to me are I always know when she feels bad or is scared when she goes to get it. Also I know she’s ready for bed when she has it… the only downfall is if she drops it while playing we have to find it before she will go to sleep at night. Also, a good tip if your baby really likes it buy a back up!!! One that looks just like it.

My 6.5 year old slept with an Angel teddy bear for years, we moved so now he sleeps with a build a bear. My 3 year old sleeps with his baby doll and 3 build a bears. I think comfort toys are perfectly ok, I slept with a stuffed animal until I was 21.

My kids are 5 9(twins) and 12. They all still have their blankets. And still carry them around the house :rofl:

Find an extra or a few extras immediately and rotate them!

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My daughter is 16 and still has her bear, and yes he goes on vacation with us too lol if I got rid of him she’d kill me …

if it does seem to be becoming a comfort item go to the store and stock up! losing something they are attached to is NOT fun. or to try to stop them from getting attached to one specific thing try alternating items. get a couple different loveys (the small blanket with stuffie attached) or a couple small stuffies for her to hold onto while nursing. they have all kinds of stuff on Amazon and at Walmart that you could use. if price is an issue I recommend Walmart. in my experience Amazon seems to be a little more expensive when it comes to that kind of stuff.

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My son was attached to a plush giraffe (and still is). Right after turning 2 he was diagnosed with cancer. I went on a mission to find him more giraffes so I could wash them regularly. When I came up empty handed, I asked friends, social media, etc.
We ended up with about 15 of them. Some are still in their wrappers, untouched.
When our daughter got attached to a little lady, from lady and the tramp, we just went and bought about 5 of them to rotate through. I could wash them when I wanted and their signs of aging were relatively the same since I kept rotating them. When we lost one, it didn’t matter.

Best of all, my immunocompromised kiddo always had his best friend, and it was also freshly washed.

My 3 all had a blanket it never left the house unless they where spending the night somewhere. They all still have them my oldest son is 33

I’m not sure how there would be any cons to a comfort item…?

My boy has lots, none that hes grown attached to, that was the dummy :smirk: pro is if we go somewhere new or he goes with his dad (not together and doesn’t see him much), then he feels safe and has something familiar to cuddle. I’d suggest give baby something that is readily available, so if it came to it, you could go get another one, or even buy a sheet of cuddly material, and sew it into squares and give her a bit.