What are the reasons my sons skin could be irritated?

My son has some irritation on his cheeks. I brought it up to his doctor on his last checkup and she said everything was fine because he is a redhead. She asked me if he’s ever had skin irritation which I said no and all she said was oh. So I got no answers from her I was wondering if I could get any from y’all.


How old is your son? Does he wear a mask? Has he been using any new soaps or hand sanitizer?

Probably just too dry. My daughters gets this if she’s been outside

My son had this his cheeks would get red turns out he ended up having eczema

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Could be something he ate or soap that didnt get rinsed

Does he drool in his sleep? Sometimes when they drool and get their pillows wet and sleep in it, it will cause irritation.

My 7 year old has had red, dry skin when it gets cold since she was very small. Inuse Vaseline Intensive care with Shea and cocoa butter after baths, it’s been the only thing that ever helped her. It’s in a brown bottle. Her dr recommended only using Dove Bar or liquid soap because it has no dyes or perfumes.

Both my kids have sensitive skin, they get dry chapped cheeks easily. I use babyganics balm on their cheeks which helps. They are also sensitive to the laundry detergent I use, I have to use a free and clear detergent. Good luck momma.

My son also has eczema. Idk how old your son is but babies cheeks get red when they are teething as well

Try this cream. My son had baby acne as a newborn and then later developed eczema. This cream literally cleared both after two applications!

try Eucerin cream. Some kids have sensitive skin this worked for one of my kids with this issue with days each time.

How many kids… Or problems can 1 person have…??? :disappointed_relieved:

Could be many reasons ezcema laundry detergent dairy dry skin changes in the weather ect. But honestly one thing i would mainly suggest is changing the dr cause she seems distant and not really caring bout ur concern. Best of luck

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If you are really concerned go to a pediatric dermatologist. One of my sons had yeast on his face as a baby. Another one had something called pitoriasis rosea. Look it up. There is medicine to clear it up.

My son and I are both redheads with sensitive skin. He gets eczema on his cheeks when the air is dry, or cold, and when he sweats. He was sensitive to lotions, soaps and detergents for a while but mostly outgrew it. We both get heat rashes easily. We use Aveeno eczema soap and lotion and try to use natural scent free detergent.

Dairy is always my first guess. Takes a month to clean the system of it and see how the skin reacts once you reintroduce

One thing with my oldest and now my youngest daughter is whenever they start the process of teething (sometimes long before they even get em,) I noticed my girls cheeks always turned red. Eczema, cold weather/dry skin, something you’re putting on or near their face. My oldest daughters skin was so sensitive, unless her father was clean shaven, he couldn’t have his beard near her bc it always caused her to rash up, even tho he used nothing in it. My youngest is now that way too. Most times if they get sick and it involves anything with a cold symptom, they get red cheeks too.

Dehydration, irritation

Not hydrated enough
Allergic reaction
Changing of seasons
Dry skin
There’s literally hundreds of reasons.

Dairy what was with my son soon stopped milk and food milk in cleared

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