What are the risks of having a premie?

What are the risks with a premie baby? I am already almost 3 cm and only 19 weeks. Doctors are doing everything they can, but nothing is working. I refuse to go on hospital Nesters as I have three special needs kids already. It would be very hard on them. They also said she might have a ds, but I refused the test because it doesn’t matter as long as she lives


At 19 weeks if the baby makes it. Prepare for BBY may needing surgeries undeveloped parts of it etc. Months in the NICU. Good luck and God bless. There is more Google it.

Brass tacks… baby has to make it to 22 weeks to be viable. Here in the US they won’t try and save one younger. After that it’s a long list until they’re about 36 weeks. Lungs is the largest issue and they can’t self regulate temp. Organs haven’t formed and their skin is still translucent.

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What’s hospital nesters? Bedrest? If they are asking you to go on bedrest you absolutely should for the life and health of your child. A pregnancy may not be viable at only 19 weeks. Do you have anyone else that can help watch your children?


If you are only 19 weeks and 3cm you should be in the hospital. The chances of a baby surving before 24 weeks is almost 0 percent. Being in the hospital will give them more options on helping you.


Why haven’t they stitched your cervix to keep it from further dilating?


It will depend on when baby is born. 25 weeks or earlier the chances of survival are slim. Better chances the closer to 28-30 weeks but even then there’s always risks with their life, their development, breathing complications, infections… it’s going to be a hard and long journey of ups and downs. You need to do what you can and if they are saying to go on hospital nesters you need to do it for your unborn baby.


Underdeveloped organs and over all fight to live.

Meds to help them come with harsh side effects.

I will pray your body allows you to carry longer!

What are your other children special needs!?

I echo above. You should have been stitched and staying in for monitoring x all the best

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What I saw was at 19 weeks there is only a 6% chance of survival… I hope for your sake that isnt the case. Sending good vibes

It would definitely be hard on them but as this new babies mother you are also obligated to do what you need to do for her. and I always thought that way about the testing but it’s also nice to have doctors lined up etc. after birth for the extra care needed


You should probably listen to the professionals :heart::heart:


At the hospital where I live My friend had her kid and she was only 20 weeks and four days and the doctors wouldn’t even try to safe the baby or anything… I feel bad for saying that… I hate doctors hella right now…

Christopher Johnson are you here?

Have they not sewn your cervix shut? I’d be demanding new docs if that hasn’t even been mentioned


Selfish in all honesty.
You need counseling.


You need to go on bed rest if that’s what they’re telling you to do. 19 weeks and your baby will die. Listen to them.

You should also let them test for DS, there may be some health issues they can foresee and they can better treat her if she survives.

They will know what to look for and different things to watch out for upon birth.

Am I reading this right?


Just to clarify- (not in a bitchy tone, in a friendly “let’s evaluate this”) it doesn’t matter to you if she has Down Syndrome because you just want her to be here BUT you “refuse” to go on bedrest to assure she has a fighting chance? The two actions contradict each other. I understand you have other babies who need you, but so does this one. I’m sorry this is your situation and I can’t imagine how horribly awful and stressful it is but I hope you reconsider your choices here and more than anything that you ALL come out on the other side healthy and well!


death especially if the baby already has a genetic or congenital problem.


You should have a circlage sp? They stitch your cervix closed. Had it with two of mine one at 14 weeks and one at 20 weeks