What are the side effects of getting your tubes tied?

I have planned to make my tubes tied after having two kids. Does anyone have side effects? My friends said that they had back pain and knee pain, is it so ?


Heavier more painful periods

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Soo many side effects. I regret it every day of my life honestly

Had mine tied at 24, I’m 63 and have not had one issue. Best thing I ever did after having two kids. Didn’t have to worry about birth control.


I’m considering it too! :expressionless:
Pregnant with my 5th child. I’m still trying to talk myself into it.

I tied mine 3 years ago I don’t regret it one bit.

I kind of regret getting my tubes tied

I had mine removed 2 years ago, zero side effects

The only side affect ive had is my cycle is a week longer and cramps are more intense

My child is 34 and I had the surgery when she was 6 mints old and with the exception of a little soreness it was a breeze! Good luck to you.

I had my tubes removed in July and no issues so far

Everyone is different. Some experience no problems at all, some mild, some severe. Me personally the only issue I have had is my periods are more painful, but past that I haven’t had any other complaints.

I had absolutely no side effects

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F as I am looking at getting this done

I had mine removed a month ago and i feel fine

If your really done have them removed instead it helps prevent cancer

I’m getting mine removed February 4th

No more babies!:laughing: Seriously, I had no side effects, much lighter periods and no more worries about birth control.

Periods may become heavier

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Whatever all you lovely ladies do, just stay away from the essure coils.