What are the signs of Autism?

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I would like to ask a question… how could you tell that you’re child had autism? We’re gonna have a few tests done hopefully with-in the next coming week and my son is 2 and he shows somethings that I’ve googled that he may have autism but still gonna get him tested for it so we know how to deal with it better… what made u mom’s get them tested and it turned out that they did have it? Also I can’t wash his hair without him screaming like life is over. It’s a very very fast bath every night


My sons 2 An I can’t wash his hair either :joy: trust me that’s super common hahaha


My kids aren’t autistic and hate having their hair washed. Lol it’s like an exorcism. And they are 5. Ugh. My son didn’t talk til he was like 3. We thought he may have autism, but his pediatrician nipped that in the bud. He just didn’t wanna chat lol he still don’t have a lot to say. He’s just a very chill human.


The screaming at washing their hair is normal. At 2 it is extremely hard to actually diagnose and most provider prefer to wait until they are older. Also as someone who works in healthcare and with kids everyday, please stay off google, if you are horribly concerned talk to their pediatrician.

What other things are you noticimg my neice is autistic amd ive said it since she was 1

She kept falling down on purpose in the tub when I’d wash her hair, no or minimal response to painful situations, screaming all the time. Sensory overloads easily in public, she was also tugging her hair/digging her face/head, hand flapping and spinning. She would barely make eye contact and she regressed from having a ton of words to barely 4. She seems like she’s in her own world constantly. Normal things would be very very difficult with her. Getting her diaper on, dressed/undressed. She is globally delayed developmentally & mildly autistic.

I work with autistic kids!! They do a lot of hand flapping if it’s to loud they have a meltdown or get overstimulated they have a meltdown or they rock back and forth

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My daughter had a very hard time with loud pitches, bigger crowds, and was behind in all development areas. She also had repeated motions she would do she was tested at about 3 years old for Autism

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I was watching Parenthood the ABC TV show and I noticed a lot of similarities between Max and my son.


My now 9 year old son was diagnosed at 18months. At that age he hated clothes (sensory/texture issues) wasn’t repeating words or making noises, was hardly making eye contact, had many GI issues (that required medicine), didn’t sleep well… with years of therapy (OT, PT, speech) he’s developing just as well as his 9 year old peers and is one of the most special people I know. My advice is always advocate for them and make sure they get the help they need- even when it’s difficult or you feel you’ve reached a dead end. Good luck!


They dont normally diagnose till 5

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Hand flapping is a big sign, also sensory things, like textures of things when they touch, or they wont touch them and freak out… also meltdowns (rocking back and forth or throwing a fit) because they are overwhelmed, covering their ears if a room is too loud… also they have a really hard time with looking at you directly in the eyes, and some have OCD, like making sure something are in a certain order, and color organized…

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but there is an Autism spectrum ranging from severe to Asperger’s Syndrome.


My son was diagnosed with autism at 18 months if you have questions you can message me

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I was concerned at that age with my daughter too for several reasons. I felt like she got too angry when she got mad, she wasn’t saying enough words (I thought), she was extremely picky about food, she was extremely aggravated by sounds, she would freak out if she touched anything wet, sticky, or if she got dirt on her, she’d repeat the same actions over and over again. Turns out, that’s all normal. I have a normal 8 year old daughter that is not on the spectrum. Autism is so broadly defined now, it feels like everything is a red flag… it’s nerve-wracking, but it could also just be a toddler being a toddler. They’re all unique with their own likes and dislikes and still trying to navigate a bunch of confusing emotions in a world they don’t quite understand. Wait a couple of years before worrying.

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Speech problems learning to talk late or barely talking …sensory issues, they tend to go backwards with things they have learned.Doing repetitive things.However there there are many things on the autism spectrum that arent autism like aspbergers sensory deficit disorder etc.Odd cdd and others…not meaning your child is specifically autistic but has other disorders associated with Autism.

As an infant, my daughter was content to be alone. That doesn’t mean I didn’t hold her, or just left her alone while I did whatever I wanted. I’d pick her up, she’d instantly become fussy until I eventually put her down. I could try to soothe her all I waned, but she couldn’t be soothed by my attempts. She was always hungry or would be completely gluttonous for anything she could drink. Yes, I know infants are hungry and thirsty, but not on the level in which I’m trying to describe. Once when she was 1, she fell during her crawl to walking stage. She slammed her head into the coffee table, and of course I’m freaking out, but she was all smiles. She said small words like mama, dada, baba as an infant… but no substantial words until she was 3, and then she started trying to structure sentences at 4. At 5, she was alright to go to school, as we realized early on she had autism and had slowly started showing and teaching her school aged stuff back when she was 3. We just got her diagnosis last year as she entered 1st grade.

Autism is different for every person. Symptoms aren’t often realized as early as infancy. So, we never truly noticed until she was 2 that something was atypical.

AND for this parents who’s kids don’t like having their hair washed, may I suggest swim goggles, and letting them do it themselves in a shower? Worked wonders for mine, though she still has issues getting all of the suds out of het hair lol

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I think it is the new term for any child with unusual tendencies. Autism covers a huge spectrum of behaviors and tendencies that seem a little off. My thought is that all of us are that way and we used to accept it an individuality, now we label it, often to have a reason to excuse it and not accept the differences and help them adapt to better meet life.


Our pediatrician recommended getting our youngest tested when he was around 2 because he had a severe speech delay and he noticed his obsession with lining things up and his catastrophic meltdowns if things got moved or wouldn’t do what he wanted
We just thought it was some adorable yet frustrating baby ocd

My son had behaviors that my father in law recognized from his time around the kids from the Special Ed classroom. My son walked on tiptoes and had a speech delay. My Husband and I didn’t see it because we were first time parents. The county held monthly developmental screenings, so we went and they found delays. He was 2. He started with Early Intervention and then Special Needs Preschool at age 3. He was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at 3.5.