What are the signs of labor?

My fiancé and I were having sex, and I couldn’t get into it. I felt so sensitive down there, and it was the weirdest feeling, and my stomach kinda hurt a little bit. I thought I had to pee… go try and couldn’t, but I lost some of my mucus plugs. Try to get into it again, and I couldn’t. We tried different positions everything, and the sensitivity was odd. Then once I let him finish, I went to get up, and there was a clump of jelly discharge. Am I close to labor? This is the weirdest thing to me. This isn’t my first child, but this has never happened to me in other pregnancies.


Sounds like you are close

How far along are you ??

Signs of labor? Baby!

With my first I lost my plug early afternoon and he was born that night with my second I lost my plug 3 times between 36-39 weeks, he came on his due date. Every body is different

I found out that I needed to be induced with my daughter because I didn’t feel right so I went into the birth center and they said the fluid was too thick and she needed to come out ASAP

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Definitely sounds like u lost ur mucus plug so labor could come anytime just pay attention for contractions and time them

I lost mine and called the hospital and they told me to come in cause I was in prelabor. Had her about 12 hours later

Chassity Elizabeth Cortez

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Had my baby 24 hours after loosing my plug

Had my son 3 days after I lost mine

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After being intimate with my partner with my first i ended up losing my plug and within a few hours my waters went i was only 35 weeks at the time. If your close to your delivery date anyways its definitely possible that labour is starting from here x

Not necessarily.
I lost peices of my mucus plug as early as 29 weeks with both pregnancies and did NOT to into labor.
Cramping isnt abnormal either. Muscles stretching and Braxton hicks are real “things”
Being sensitive down there is also not abnormal. Nerves all interconnected. Being extra sensitive isnt much different than “lightning crotch”

All of that said, that doesnt mean you’re not close to labor.
Drink some water dehydration can increase cramping.
And maybe give your doctor a call to ease your mind.

I lost mine at 29 weeks and my youngest was born at 34 weeks.

Yes you are if your plug has gone

Lost mine and had my daughter 6 hours later

I lost mine with my son around 32 weeks, I was induced on my due date. With my daughter I started losing it around 30 weeks and continued to have mucus plug coming out until I had her at 37 weeks. My body didn’t dilate with either until hours before I gave birth to them. Once I started, there was no stopping them.

I lost mine twice. Once at 28 weeks and was cleared as nothing. Once at 35.6 weeks, admitted because my doctor wasn’t happy with my NST and I was contracting. Delivered her less than 24 hours later right at 36 weeks, with no medication to induce.

I lost my plug before each with oncoming labor, some 24 hrs before, some just hours before. Good luck!

I would lose mine about a week or two before I would go into labour. Three of my kids this happened. One I never lost it at all. That labour was hard. Not saying it’s connected just something I noticed.
Losing your “plug” is different for every pregnancy and person. Something you should let your doctor know though