What are you asking for for Christmas?

What’s everyone asking for Christmas? I wanted the Bissel cross wave or tine co, but those are damn near impossible to get, so now I’m trying to figure out what I want.


That my kids are happy :two_hearts:

I just want a healthy happy family… and to see what shenanigans 2021 will bring.


I’m leaning toward some self care! Tattoo or piercing then some dinner and drinks!

For my daughters blood work and ultrasound to show that her cancer has not returned


Nothing for me personally…just want the rest of family to enjoy it and it be a normal as possible

Thankful for me & my family to wake up this morning and hopefully for someone to bring me Thanksgiving dinner plate since I be alone at home

I want kids to go to school


A foldable wagon for my 3 kids, a crockpot cook book, and a 3 in 1 breakfast thing for our camper.

My kids to be healthy and happy!

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Things for the house, pandora charm bracelet, and just bunch of stuff for the kids.

A new purse. Not an expensive one I just need a bigger one that is more practical.

Also a foldable wagon.

I’m sensing a trend… Yes I believe you truly want your kids to be healthy and happy buuuut I think you partly don’t know what to want. Asking for anything for myself is such a task. I only ever ask for things I need around the house my husband refuses to get me household items as gifts he says birthdays and Christmas I have to ask for something for me only we can buy household stuff any day of the week. Do any other mamas feel like you kinda have no idea what you even like anymore


I always ask for self care. I don’t have the heart to spend money on myself for pedicures or massages or such. Getting it as a gift takes the guilt out of it.

We’re having our bathroom remodeled, so this year I ask for fancy soaps, a bath pillow, aroma therapy candles, etc. it has been soooo long since I soaked in a bubble bath

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All this mommy wants for Christmas is a tummy tuck…or 8 hours of sleep lol I already know I’m not getting either :sob:


A cricut machine and some books :books:

Happy kids and the Harry Potter hard back box set

Pudus slippers, pajamas and new oven mitts

There is this cute turtle necklace that gives you a sea turtle to track. :turtle: that is something on my wish list. Also , a hair dryer brush Those are the only 2 things I can think of lol.

Idk it is really hard to think of what I want as a woman vs as a mom. Lol

My baby to come out and healthy :blue_heart: due Christmas day and my babies are always so big (9-11 pounds) already so sore lol.