What are you doing for your kids for halloween?

What are you mamas doing with your kids for Halloween this year? My city is not recommending trick or treating this year, and this would be the first year my daughter could participate. I’d love some alternative suggestions!


Our community center is doing a drive thru boo. It’s like trunk or treat but drive thru style.

We’re trick or treating :woman_shrugging:


Scavenger hunt around town…

When we were little my mum drove us around to the houses of people we knew to trick or treat. And some who couldn’t afford to give out anything she dropped off the candy there earlier so it was there for us

We were planning on trick or treating but we have the Covid so will play it safe.

We will be having a in the dark candy hunt, watch movies, and have a Halloween themed dinner.

Maybe something along the lines of an Easter egg hunt, but halloween themed? Hide little goody bags full of candy around the house/yard and let the kiddos find them!


Halloween party for the family

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We are doing Boo Buckets! Partially because I broke my leg last month and it’s hard for me to get out! So a day full of Halloween activity and a bucket of his favorite candy

Sometimes churches will dona thing where kids can trick or treat. Think where i was at when my kids were young they calles it trunk and treat or something like that

Buying some candy, watching creep shows and getting some pizza. My older 2 didn’t wanna go anyways but my 5yr old always does!

Watching coraline and hocus pocus

My daughter is going to give her son.some candy order his favorite pizza watch a scary movie

I’m going to do a little Halloween party, just them and myself

Halloween crafts, baking a Halloween themed treat and carving pumpkins.

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it’s on a saturday so we’re making it an all day fun thing for my two year old. got these cute pumpkin easter egg kind of containers and were hiding them in backyard with candy in them! doing a little bonfire with marshmallows, making halloween treats. just making it fun


Halloween buckets movies and take out

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Getting costumes an trick er treating

Alternate would be halloweens movies an popcorn kinda night.

My bestie and I have been planning a carnival for our kids. We made games and are gonna do a spider web tunnel… my husband built a catapult to do pumpkin chumkin And I bought a projector so we can watch nightmare before Christmas outside under the full moon.

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We are doing halloween buckets similar to Easter baskets and painting old Easter eggs orange/black then hiding them. Also doing some Halloween/fall themed crafts. We might go to a local trunk or treat but not if a ton of people show up. Some local hiking trails are being decorated with non scary items just for fun so we might go on a hike also