What are you feeding your child now that baby food as been recalled?

What’s everyone doing for cereal and baby food now that most brands have opened up about their products containing arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium. My daughter is five months old and was strictly Gerber and she is highly fussy without her cereal and baby food. I haven’t been able to find any cereal or baby food for her.


Look at baby led weaning. What you eat, she can eat. Pureed food isn’t necessary


Find dissolvable cookies.

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Make your own. Or do baby led weaning:)

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Try other stuff also get things to make your own. All my kiddos never ate baby food they didn’t like it. So I would make my own.

If you have a food processor just put in her favorite fruits and veggies with a little water

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Neither of my kids ate baby food. Both did baby led weaning.

I dont believe there is really a recall, I think it’s a facebook hoax. If there was really a recall, Kroger’s, Walmart, and all the grocery stores would pull the products from their shelves I promise that. And all our stores are still fully stocked. I seen the hoax advertisement and it said Beechnut ,Gerber like it was the same product but those are 2 separate companies.


Make your own!!! Shouldn’t be a second thought! I wouldn’t eat that out of a jar, wouldn’t feed my kids! :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: they ate what we ate, lead weaning, or I would puree it.


All 3 of mine 14 , 9 and 8 never liked baby food once they could sit up on their own they ate everything we ate literally everything . we just mashed it up


Baby led weaning! If baby is 6 months old, and able to sit up on his/her own properly Baby can eat any soft foods you want to make. Steamed veggies, eggs, grilled cheese, pork, chicken.

Just no honey before the age of 1.
The group I tagged is a really helpful group

Baby Led Weaning for Beginners and Beyond


Putting oatmeal into a food processor worked as cereal


The recall I read for the baby food was from 2019… so it’s probably just an old article.


When my son was younger and I was feeding him puree I just made my own. I have an instant pot and I would buy veggies and fruit ect. Toss them in there for a few minutes with some water. Than puree them in the food processor. Than I would freeze them in ice cube trays bag and label them and pull them as needed.

It’s not a recall. The samples were taken from baby food in 2016. You all need to read more.


Make baby food its easy


I used to make loads of extras and freeze it so you always have proper food

Just make your regular food n puree it for your child. I never used baby food for my son whatsoever.

Steam veggies and mash add only a dash of salt if any .