What are you getting your older boys for Christmas?

Anyone else here has older boys and have no idea what to get them for Christmas!? I have a ten and 9-year-old, both boys, neither of them really play with toys anymore, my ten years old basically likes legos and pokemon and my nine years old who is the complete opposite, loves sport, mostly football (Dallas cowboys fan) and baseball, I am at a loss!!!


I made an explosion box with gift cards, $$ and little mementos for my oldest daughter. This way she can spend it how she pleases and at the same time she’s learning the value of $$.

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I got my 10 year old son a bunch of lego sets, R/C cars, activity books, clothes, a memory foam pillow that’s like green, and other odd and ends.

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My 9 year old is getting an electric scooter as his big gift. He’s getting a guitar from Santa (not an expensive one) and a lot of karate training stuff. He asked for an iPhone 12 :woman_facepalming:t2::roll_eyes: and that was shot down REAL quick.

Depends on the budget you have. Legos, R/C sets. Nerf toys. A nintendo switch is a good gift for both and then just a few others added. Drawing sketch book and acrylic paint kit is nice too

Or if they are into Anime Amazon has night gift bags for $15-20 with like masks and stickers/posters.

My boys no longer play with toys really anymore either ages 9,11,12,18, to give you a few ideas this is a few things mine are asking for this year, nintendo switch lite, ipad, a guitar ( I found starter kits on amazon as low as $60, men jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and rings, pokemon cards, and I did get some video games for the systems they already had. But I also found stuff for their rooms like new bedding, posters, or little figurines of things they already like fortnite, spiderman etc to put on a shelf in their rooms.

Do you want them to love you 5ever? - Playstation

Do you want them to love you 4ever? New phone

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My 10 year old has not played with toys for 3 years

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Air hockey for the table or floor.

Nerf guns, basketball goal

My 10yo is into the game among us. Minecraft and Pokemon so he’s getting a tee, mask, socks, coloring book and plushies all among us themed. He also asked for a new bedding set (minecraft) to go with his room from his papa so I got a Minecraft sign for his room on Etsy to go with that! Books (also Minecraft) we also got him a prepaid phone from Visible

My 11 the old wants a basketball goal, weight bench, Xbox games

New flat screen TV and an Xbox

Mine are about the same age, got them laser tag.

I stared buying mwiy son tickets to games and drag races and money to spend at each

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Football, anything with cowboys logo on it , magnetic blocks, or a new video game they both like

We bought our older two new bikes this year. They are getting a few smaller presents like legos and those handheld old arcade games.

My 10 year old loves:

  1. Art supplies (big painting stuff, sketch book)

  2. Legos (usually the ones that have a specific building kit)

  3. Nerf guns

  4. Football with gloves

  5. Trampoline

  6. Ps4 games :woman_facepalming:t2:

  7. He has been singing and recording himself lately :joy:

I got my boys each a switch, they love video games. And I’m between laser tag set and some nerf guns.

I have a 10 and 12 so bought them laser tag gun for the oldest birthday they played with it may 3 times now they just sit there… there both into video games so that probably what there gonna get this year