What are your Christmas Eve family traditions?

How do you spend Christmas Eve with your family? We spend the day watching Christmas movies, making and decorating cookies, decorating gingerbread, and then going to see lights!

Christmas box. Inside is a new pair of pajamas, a Christmas movie, and treats to snack on during the movie. Get to start that again with my little man next Christmas(his sisteris unfortunately not with us this Christmas eve)

We go to a Christmas Eve candle light service. After, we grab some hot chocolate from Tim Hortons and drive around looking at Christmas lights around the neighbourhood. Then we go home, have Asian food and open 1 present! My sister and I also sleep on the floor by the tree up (even until year, despite being in our twenties with kids!) :slightly_smiling_face:

However, we can’t do much of these things this year because we aren’t allowed to be with people we are living with with the new restrictions here!

Usually we decorate sugar cookies. I’ve had a year we had family over because the spent Xmas day at other family’s house. This Xmas eve we were gifted a gingerbread house kit so we did that and I made homemade pizza (mac and cheese pizza, thin garlic bread, ham and pineapple, and cheese (( someone ate the pepperoni :woman_facepalming:))) I took some pictures of them in their Xmas eve jammies. I have 6 living 1 angel and its my rainbows 1st Xmas so I had to get a cute picture. So I guess its different every year.

We went to the aquarium and picked up dinner which we always eat out Christmas eve since the next day we cook, then we came home watched movies, made cookies and our daughter always gets to open one small present early. Then she leaves cookies, milk and carrots out for Santa and the reindeer