What are your daily schedules like?

What are your daily schedules?? Looking for ideas/inspiration, I have a 6th grader who will be doing online school for the whole year, a first-grader who will start with online and possibly transition into classroom learning and a four-year-old but I’m not getting any information from the preschool, but I have learning materials for her, and she is on ABC mouse.


Call the schools they should have some kind of online classes.

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Go to bed at the same time every night, get up at the same time every morning. Eat breakfast, brush your hair and teeth, get dressed for the day before starting school. Make sure they get outside to play! Try setting up a work/break schedule but be flexible as you figure out how long they can work before needing a break and use a written or picture schedule so they know what to expect.Check out homeschooling websites for creative scheduling ideas. Offer bubbles, playdough, puzzles, books, legos, hands on activities and their favorite toys during break times to encourage learning through play. Most of all, be patient with them and yourself as this will be challenging for all of you. Good Luck!