What are your experiences with the copper IUD?

Hi ladies, looking for some advice, recommendations, personal experience with birth control postpartum. I very much don’t want to go on pill form birth control the hormonal effects to baby and me through breastfeeding. I am also nervous about moving forward with the copper IUDs. IUDs freak me out in general… but I know the copper ones are hormone-free, but have other negative symptoms? Looking for ladies to share their experiences with the Copper IUDs, whether positive or negative.

I’ve heard good things, it was my first choice because my body doesnt react to hormones very well but I wasn’t a good fit because I have heavy periods and was warned I’d have a higher risk of it coming out because of that.

I do not recommend. I bled so much my iron levels were low and I had to get it removed. Worst experience with birth control I ever had.

Oh good, I have the same question

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I absolutely love it. The best protection I’ve ever used and I highly recommend

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I almost passed out when he put it in because it hurt me soooo bad … Then I was in excrutiating pain the entire time for two weeks… for the first three days I spent almost all my time crying on the toilet :unamused:
I couldnt take it anymore so had it removed …
My doctor told me that usually only happens to a handfull of women so I guess I’m just a lucky one (eyeroll)
But I know alot of women who have it and absolutely love it …
Its just not my thing apparently.


I’ve had no bad effects. After having my period, I could feel the string because they left it long and that bothered me a bit but I went in and they snipped it a little shorter. I got it put in in 2014

I had the mirena iud. It didn’t bother me. But I just felt like it was the better choice for me.

I have the cooper iud. It’s okay. I was nervous & freaked out as well so now it bothers me constantly. I think also that it’s made my sex life more painful. I’ve had it over a year & I’m actually getting it removed in a couple weeks. I started my period for the first time in a while & it’s lasted for over 3 weeks. So w every iud it has pros & cons. & you might not get any cons & it’ll be perfect for you. Or you might get a few or the side effects. It just depends how much you don’t want a baby to see how much it’s worth it. Lol

I love mine. I’ve had it twice.

I have the copper iud. The worst side effect that I have had is terrible cramping and heavier flows. Beside that no hormones makes it much better than when I had the mirana. That one left me feeling like I had PM’s everyday and it never went away, felt like I was pregnant and gained a bunch of weight rapidly. I have now had the copper iud for three years.


My mom had it for 20"years and she was fine . she has it taken out after my dad has vasectomy

I had a copper put in for 4 years, the first few periods seemed kinda heavier but nothing insane, I continued to breastfeed without any problems, it was honestly the best thing I ever had, did the pill, patch, and finally went to this and loved it

I have had it for over 3 years. It’s not that bad. I spot a few days before my cycle starts so I definitely always know when it’s coming before it gets here fully. This may be tmi but I think my discharge is heavier but not in a annoying or bothersome way. I do however feel a slight sharp pain in my cervix but its seldom. It does hurt when they put it in. I wasn’t expecting it to be that painful but it was. Overall it’s done what its suppose to do as a contraceptive and I breastfed until my son was newly three and stopped. I’ve heard many things about it slipping out of place or woman having problems with it but I really haven’t had any. I hear it can make cramps and the flow heavier but that didn’t happen to me. I guess you wont know unless you try it. Everybody’s body is different. I’m overall satisfied with mine.

I’ve had mine since 6 weeks pp. My daughter is almost 2 & 1/2. The only side effect I have is my periods are heavier. Insertion for me did not hurt; my dr told me I would feel a pinch, but I didn’t. I did bleed for a week & cramp, but after that, no symptoms. No effects with my sex life either

It made my periods horrific. Very painful and heavy.

I hated mine when I had it. I don’t know if i had a (unknown) mild allergy to copper or what, but I was a completely different person with it. Took it out a month later.

Mine became embedded after only a year, and had to have It surgically removed.

I had one for 2 yrs which moved upside down and made me have to have a hysterectomy at age 34… worst experience having a iud… I gained 30lbs and had horrible periods

I had it years ago. I did not like it. I dealt with the side effects for several months and decides to get it removed because i just couldn’t take it anymore. Heavy cramping, random bleeding, i just didn’t like it.