What are your families Christmas traditions?

Whats your families Christmas tradition? Ours is the book count down. (24 books or any amount… But having the last book be open on xmas Eve.) As you can see my son didnt like it but maybe next year. This year I was only able to do 8 books, so below are days 8 to 5. The last picture is my boy staring at the tree. It started with the cat in hat then we took a small trip to farm with Mickey mouse. From there Dr. Seuss wanted to share his fish with us as Mickey mouse came by again to say he wanted Halloween to come back around.

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We have an elf on the shelf. On Christmas Eve she brings a family gift that includes a Christmas movie and movie snacks. Rumor is this year it will be The Polar Express and she’s also including the book. A new tradition we are starting this year is ringing jingle bells at 6 o’clock to let Santa know we are ready for his visit. We also spread some oats in the yard for his reindeer. The weekend before Christmas we go on a tour of Christmas lights. My husband drives us all over the county and we drink peppermint hot cocoa.

Open the smallest simplest gift of all on Christmas eve and save the best for Christmas day. A little Christmas guessing and build-up for the big day.

We do Christmas Eve dinner at my brother’s house. It’s always tacos, and everyone opens one gift. It’s a tradition that passed down from my Mother and Father, and we’ve been doing it since we were kids. All of our kids and grandchildren come to dinner and then everyone does Christmas Day at their own homes.

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I LOVE the ‘book’ tradition - great for children. My family used to get together, the Saturday before Christmas, to exchange gifts, eat and play games. Once my oldest sister and mother passed - no more ‘family’ Christmas parties.