What are your favorite baby bottles?

Iv bought them all too and the best one was from dollar general for a dollar

Avent natural. Love these ones!

We LOVED the munchkin latch bottles

Playtex drop ins for all 3 of mine. I tried just a regular bottle when my oldest daughter was a baby but all she did was cry. A friend gave me a Playtex drop in set and my daughter was happy from then on.

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I’ve used Nuk with my 4 and love them!

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We loved Dr Browns bottles!

Playtex drop ins for the first couple months , then after that a regular standard bottle ! The drop ins prevent air which prevents gas !! Swear by them

Dr.brown bottles are the only ones I’ll use

Boon bottles are my favorite followed by tomme tippee and nuk

The Avent bottles my daughter liked but not the breast nipple she couldn’t suck it so the regular nipple. But the Tommy tippie is GREAT too she loves those as well.

I used the parents choice ones with my first and my last and loved those. They’re very similar to the dr brown ones without the insert for anti colic.

We loved the avent natural tip and the dr browns

My daughter loves her Boon bottles

We loved Dr. Browns! I’ve decided there isn’t a perfect bottle out there though. They still leaked a lot, especially with the extra “guts” and air vents inside. When my son was about 6M old and no longer needing the extra parts inside, I just took them out. Since he really liked Dr. Brown’s nipples, I also bought cheap Evenflo bottles (like $5 for a pack of 6 at Target) and put Dr. Brown’s nipples on those. So cheap, and a great bottle! They held up for over a year.

I use nanobebe they’re amazing

Avent is what we preferred with our 3

I’ve heard wonderful things about Dr. Brown. My daughter wouldn’t take a bottle at all but my nephews took to this brand. Or Lansinoh.

I used tommee tippee bottles, pacifiers, and sippe cups. Their nipples are the best. My baby didn’t like no other bottles.

Dr Brown. My son had horrible colic and it helped ease some of his discomfort when I switched to those and I will buy them for any future children I have.

Dr Brown, never had colic