What are your opinions on having a second baby shower?

What’s your opinion on having a 2nd baby shower? I had one for my daughter two years ago, and I’m due with a boy in August, and I wanted to have a little get together to celebrate him too. I don’t even care about the gifts, but I’ve been getting a lot of hate saying I don’t get a baby shower for my 2nd child.


I had a baby shower for both of mine. One girl and one boy. They was 21 months apart. I had it for the same reason. I just wanted to celebrate him the way I was able to for her. We didn’t really ask for gifts but still did a diaper raffle to get some diapers.

You can have a baby shower for you 452nd child if you want to!
If people don’t like it they don’t have to come!
All babies should be celebrated!


I had my son first and then I just had my daughter and I had a baby shower for both of them :heartpulse:

Do it lol its a new baby and every baby deserves celebrating

I think having a second baby shower is totally fine especially since you’re have a boy this time around :blue_heart:

There is nothing wrong with having a baby shower for each child…especially if you are having one gender then the other… Do you…

I’m having my second baby and we are just having a “sprinkle”. Small amount of people, snacks and just a fun time together. No gifts necessary


I had baby showers for all 4 of mine. I’m pregnant with my fifth and plan on doing a baby shower

Have one anyway, if people don’t like it they don’t have to come. This baby is just as important as the first one.

I think every baby should be celebrated!

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My daughter didn’t get celebrated either I don’t think it’s right. Maybe a diaper party or something. I think every baby should be celebrated

Do it! I had one for my daughter and then 4 years later my son. Having out 3rd in July but we did cancel due to covid. Still celebrate your son

Imo it’s only for the first born :woman_shrugging: It’s a party to celebrate becoming parents.


I had two and My sister had three you will be fine. :two_hearts: do one of your heart desires it and to those who don’t like it can kick rocks :roll_eyes:. Good luck!

Of course you can have a baby shower for each pregnancy :see_no_evil:different baby have one​:heart_eyes:xx

I had one for all 4, each baby is an individual so therefore each should be celebrated

I didn’t really a shower with my second and third but people did bring a few things in the hospital like diapers and clothes.
Showers aren’t required and you can’t demand one. You can certainly ask people for a few things if you really need them but can’t get them on your own.

It’s all good…a new baby is a new baby🥰

Absolutely ok! I don’t think I’m going to get one this time due to COVID-19, but you should absolutely have one for him! Call it a sprinkle instead of a shower and maybe people will give it a rest. Also anyone saying you don’t get a baby shower for number 2 doesn’t have to come :woman_shrugging:t3: