What are your schedules like with toddlers?

What do everyone’s schedules look like with their two-year-olds?


Schedule??? What is a schedule


A tornado or an etchasketch.


8- wake, potty breakfast
Get dressed, brush teeth & hair
10 - potty, snack
11:45- potty, lunch
1:30- potty, rest time
3-up, potty & snack
530-potty, dinner
7- potty, bath & books
8- potty, brush teeth & bed

In our unscheduled time we do school activities, play outside or inside weather depending, chores & 15min on her tablet with a show or 30 minutes on her tablet doing a coloring activity matching the number to the color.

We plan all of our appts and daily activities around said schedule varying from it as little as possible


Week day
We get up between 6:30-7
Eat breakfast potty and what not 7-7:30
7:45-8 leave the house
11:30 lunch at daycare
1-3 she naps at daycare
5:00-5:30 pickup
5:30-5:45 milk and predinner snack
6:00-6:45 play while I make dinner and then we eat
6;45-7 shower
7:15-7:30 bed time

Weekends are similar but she she naps at 9:00 am as well for about an hour
Lunch is between 11-12
1-3 is still nap time and then we hang out play and do whatever until dinner and schedule starts again

When she’s up we sing , do puzzles , play games , play outside she helps with chores and we go shopping and what not she isn’t allowed any screen time so we make it work. We are also potty training so every 20 min trips to the bathroom when we are home and I just got a foldable potty cover for when we visit friends so I can keep her on her schedule we will just use pulls instead of panties

6am -wake up, play, breakfast, play
10am - snack, play
12:00 - nap
2:00 - wake up, play and snack at some point
6:00 -dinner
7:00 -bath, brush teeth, read stories
8:00 -bedtime

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Wow, y’all have schedules!?


My 2 yr old wakes up before I go to work feed her and her sissy and I get ready and go to work and my parents take care of my 2 yr old and my 5 month old and then come back from work and breast feed my baby and and give my 2 yr old cereal and go to sleep.

There is no schedule :joy:

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8 wake up… Hopefully :woozy_face:
8 30 breakfast
11:30/ 12 lunch
12-12:30 nap
3:00 wake up
5:30-6:00 supper
8:00 snack
8:15-8:30 milk
8:30-9:00 is bedtime

Good luck with the IPO, guys, I am rootin’ for ya!

I’d say all pretty much same !