What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

We usually host a large group, but we decided to cancel this year due to covid. It will just be our little family of four. I am still cooking all of the same dishes, but I want the day to feel special, not just like every other night I cook dinner. Any ideas? We already put our Christmas tree up and completely decorated the house, so that’s out. I just don’t want us all to scarf the food down in 20 mins and then go back to our associated screens, ignoring each other.


Have some different board/ card games to play if y’all like those


This year we are getting back into the tradition of sending christmas cards. That was one of my exciting times during the holidays. Checking the mail for the cards…reading them and then hanging them up across the living room.


Crafts, games (indoors and outdoors, watching movies.

Have extra Christmas cards for your family to send a message to service men and women who are in a hospital

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Have family game night. We love playing games with the kiddos and gives us quality family time. NO phones allowed zone too!

We are going to do mini ginger bread houses made out of pop tarts. Decorate stockings.

Board games after dessert, monopoly was a big one we played after Christmas dinner (don’t have thanksgiving in Australia)

I miss our trations, kids all grown and have there own Family, even we live close together, every year is something else, so i gave up on our traditions, i will do overtme, instead of seating at home. Hold on to your traditions as long you can.

There’s lots of fun Christmas games on YouTube! You could do a small Yankee swap. You could do some baking with the family. You could make “raindeer food” all the kids in my family enjoy that and enjoy putting it outside Christmas eve as well

Play board/card games, put on some holiday movies, craft holiday cards?

Thanksgiving I cook and after dinner and everything is cleaned up we play some games. After we watch Dutch and then it’s usually bed time. This years a little different since it’s also my son’s birthday.

Start by unplugging the modem for a day. Board games. Jigsaw puzzle. Cards. A family video game like Mario Kart. Coloring at the table. Christmas craft, like painting ornaments or making a wreath.

We pass around a pumpkin (fake) and write things we are grateful for each year. It’s also fun to read what we’ve written in the past. :jack_o_lantern:

Start watching each of your favorite Christmas movies

Build a gingerbread house

Game night, play bingo for prizes, rent a movie, roast marshmallows outside, crafts, be silly and have fun

Do you have any Christmas light displays in your area? See some lights at dark if you do. I agree with the others about playing board games or family video games or even a card game like Uno. If you do have a video gaming system you can look for popular board games made into video games even. What are your kids into? They make games based on lots of stuff. Like for instance I found Minecraft Uno and Fortnite monopoly.

50+ years ago my husband and I celebrated our 1st Thanksgiving by cooking 2 cornish game hens and all the trimmings, then we bought some coloring books, and coloured like children all afternoon. We had so much fun I still remember it 50+ years later.


Normally we have a large family dinner with all my siblings and their families. This year however it is just going to be my husband and I so we will probably do something simple. My children got to their fathers this year also. It gives me time to wraps Christmas gifts.