What are your thoughts about this guy I have been seeing?

This guys have been texting me off and on for about a month and would stop texting me basically. Well, we finally hung out, and we slept together a few times. He swore he was single and that he really liked me. Well, the last time we saw each other, he kept begging for me to come back over. The very next day, he texted but only to say his son was in the doctor, and he’ll call me later but probably can’t see me, so I said okay. Well, he didn’t let me know, so the next day I texted and was joking, calling him “shady,” but he never responded. I called him later that night, and my number seemed blocked…I messaged him on Facebook asking if he blocked me, but no response so I drove passed his house and seen a car. He still hasn’t reached out but still is friends with me on Facebook. I’m so confused??


Block him. He’s shady.


Spend valentine’s treating yourself coz it won’t be with him


He got what he wanted, sorry to say. Hold your dignity and self regard high, and block his ass on everything. Definitely do not keep on contacting him - don’t feed his shady ass ego.


hes fw somebody else

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Block him on fb and block his number…he will call when he wants more sex


Sorry this happened to you, but it seems like he’s not interested anymore. If he wanted to talk to you, he would of made a better effort. I say this because I’ve been through a similar experience. He doesn’t deserve a second of your time! Work on moving on.


He used you. He got what he wanted…but kept you as a “friend” in case he wants more sex.


He played u hun! Drop him like its hot…


He seems strange to me,dont waste your time trying to contact him.this is not a one was thing especially if u really think unhave something.going with this guy. Just leave it move on I would say

You’re not confused, you’re in denial. Sorry to say it, but he used you and that’s it. Block him and forget he exists.


You probably scared him off, you seem too invested. Like if he didn’t reach out to you one day that doesn’t mean go stalk him.

Are you really that nieve?

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Used you. Be smarter next time

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Bye guy, don’t spend another thought on him. He is likely married or in a relationship and you are the side girl. Move on , find your worth

You were played… and I’m sorry. But its best to move along

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Nope move on sounds like a booty call guys don’t like to shut that window so they can slip back in on good terms

Has another partner probably was not around n he cheated you got used it seems big time n his excuse was shady the mommy or girlfriend came back !!!

What exactly is there to be confused about? He only wanted sex


Do him like he’s done you. 2 can play that game, dont make yourself so available to him.

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