What are your thoughts on home school?

Thoughts on homeschool? We’ve decided to pull our kiddo out of public school and have gone through HomeLife Academy. We feel as if the school system has failed these kids lately and we don’t want to keep our child in a situation in which we feel she won’t blossom and grow. We have a homeschool co-op at our church so she can still receive a classroom type environment and all the kiddos there are using the same homeschool service. I’d love to reach out to others for info like how do you even do this? Pros of this? Cons?


My son will only ever be home schooled. After personally going through public school and home school, I realized public school is trash.

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We are doing Alabama Connections Academy. All of their lessons and tests are online. They’re face to face with their teachers twice a week. The rest of the time, it’s us teaching them. They literally sent us everything we needed though. It’s going a lot better now than it was at the beginning. We are in the swing of things now.

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I won’t have my girls institutionalized or in any government care

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I have decided to homeschool my kids because I want them to actually learn things rather than how to take a test.

I know public school is the only option for some people and I by no means ever try to come off like I am putting them down but I just rather not have my kids in public school.

Most of the younger families in our church group home school. One young man now a Medical Doctor, one of the girls a veterinarian… certainly hasn’t limited their education… my husbandcis a substitute teacher for high school. He feels there are so many kids going to school for social contact and food! Not to get an education.

Each to their own I’m only against home schooling cause stuff have the kids around me all day :rofl:

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I have been homeschooling my daughter for 3 years and she is thriving so much more than at regular school. It is perfect for us but maybe not for everyone.

If I had school age children mine are grown now I would definitely do homeschooling.I think the public school system has failed all children

My oldest is special needs. I’ll tell you what I told the school board this summer – homeschooling is NOT an option.

I’m probably one of the lucky ones to live in a phenomenal public school district-but I’ve never considered home schooling my kiddo. I’d never be able to give him the level of education he’s currently receiving-even being remotely taught right now.

home school is the best choice I made for my kids it my dauther last year…:kissing_smiling_eyes:

We just started homeschooling this year, my daughter is doing so much better then when she was in public. She could barely read when they closed down schools last year, now she easily reads small chapter books!