What are your thoughts on the flu vaccine this year?

Moms, what are your thoughts about the flu vaccine this year? Is it really necessary to give me 3 years old? She is always sick when she gets it in the past?

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The few times we have gotten them we end up with that mess for weeks.

Refuse to give it to my kids or get it. Makes us very sick. Worse than the flu.

Never and will never

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I get sick from the shot deathly got year after year and it kept happening. As soon as I get the shot the next morning I’m fukd…every damn time… anybody else?


Always get the flu shot. If you get sick after, it just means you were exposed to the flu before you got the shot. Just because you get the flu shot, doesn’t mean you will never get the flu, it means you will get a lighter version of the flu you caught.


I always get really sick after i get the flu shot . I tried three times and never again


I get it🤷‍♀️nothing wrong with me. I get sick but never to the point it bothers me.

My whole family get it and it’s always been fine for us

Always as do 3/4 children. One has an egg allergy so he does not recieve it. I work in heathcare and know how beneficial it is. Absolutely everyone who can, should. 60% effectiveness is significantly better than zero.


My kids r grown now but when they were younger and it was available under my insurance yes they got the shot and so did i. Never had any adverse issues with the shot and they never got seriously sick

I don’t know how you’re getting ill from the flu vaccine as it’s not a live vaccine?


Never have and never will.


Same as always…uh uhh…not me

Any time me or my kids have gotten the shot, we get extremely sick within a few days and it last for a while. When we dont get the shot, some times we get sick for about a day if that. I definitely do not recommend the shot.

The flu shot covers you from getting influenza not the common cold. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Never get them never will

Don’t know why we are being told that it’s ridiculous to say we can’t get the flu from the flu vaccine , when evidence proves otherwise ! I know so many people that became very sick after it ! I had the flu around 25 years ago, never had the shot ever! Or the flu again . Yes I do know I won’t get away with it forever, one day I will get it again because my immune system needs it .

Its not the shot. Its lowers your immune system when you get it for like a week so their getting sick from basic germs. Not the shot. My kids get one every year.

So you keep giving it to her? :woman_facepalming: