What are your thoughts on the name Augustine?

I have a question I’m debating with my husband. He is bound and determined that we should name our second child Augustine… first or middle, he doesn’t care as long as Augustine is there. I just want to know if I am the only one who isn’t wild about the name. He says it’s a strong, regal, and distinct sounding name. But I can only think of St. Augustine FL or St. Augustine grass whenever I hear the name. He said that if I didn’t like it that much, then Augustas is a solid second choice. Am I just nuts and overthinking it or are the names really a solid, strong option to consider?


I have a boy in my classroom who’s name is Augustus. He goes by Guss. I like the name.

I love the name Augustas but it’s your babies name and you should both have a say and find something you both like and agree on!

Maybe meet in the middle and use August for a middle name


If he’s ok with it being a middle name, I would highly consider it. I don’t think it’s weird, and even if I did, he’s a dad wanting a name for his baby! If he found a name weird but you LOVED it and were super adamant about it, you’d try to talk him into it most likely. Maybe you need to agree on a first name first and then see how it sounds with that as the middle name.


Augustas isn’t bad! Call him Gus.

My brothers name is Agustine Alanzo and I love it. We call him Auggie for short.

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I prefer Augustine, especially as a middle name. Augustus could get a bit tainted at school with references to Augustus Gloop. Not trying to cause division but kids can be quick and cruel with nicknames.
Good Luck…


I had a kid named August… He was call Auggie. It’s cute.

It is a strong name. I don’t think it’s to bad.

As long as he’s letting you choose it to be the first name or middle name I would say keep that name. It would make him happy and you could pick one you like and make y’all both happy.


That’s a beautiful name🙂
When are you due?:wink:

My sons name is ajax (yes cleaning supplies! An my family is slightly racist so I get those remarks as well!) The name is after a god meaning strength. I was never to have kids, miracle happened. Then drs convinced I’d lose the baby…had few close calls during pregnancy…made it to due date…figured for sure one of us wouldn’t make it (I/we were extreme high risk) and he did. And I knew from the start he was fighter. So I held strong to the name. Its your baby! Your choice. I also wanted something different! When I was in school, my graduating class had 5 liz/Elisabeth, 4 brittanys, 2 Jenny/Jennifer, 4 brads and brandons, 2 Alex, and then 3 other hali besides me. It sucked! My son class has a lot of James/Jameson, Lucas, alex, Jeffery’s, hunters. And he is the only on with his. There’s two girls in his class with the only unique girl names too (angel, and iaynnah) and its so cool when their names are called and they know its them! Their faces just light up!

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I’m not a fan. Use it as a middle name.

one of my favorite former students was named Augustine. Be ready for everyone to shorten it to Augie. I love the name! Unique and it fit him perfectly.


I think it’s ridiculous you consider strangers opinions before your husband


Either as a middle name

My grandfathers name was Elmer Augustine…he hated it!

Love it! I wanted to name my son August, but Husband refused!

Auggie is my cousin’s son’s nick name and I think it’s adorable.