What are your thoughts on your kids returning to school in the fall?

I want to hear everyone’s thoughts on kids returning to school in a few weeks. The AAP is more for it the CDC seems to be more against it. Are you sending you kids back or doing remote learning?


My kid is staying home & staying safe. :heart: However I will be headed back to school when it opens. I need my job.

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sending back if thats what the district is doing. idk yet. i really cant homeschool. its not an option!

I’d rather do online schooling for more than 1 reason. I have 4 kids in 3 different schools. My youngest of the 4 doesnt understand personally boundaries and gets too close. My grandpa has copd and I’d rather not have my kids get him sick and possibly lose him to it.


Our governor just announced that schools in counties on the “watch list” can’t open unless they’ve been off for 14 consecutive days.

At this rate, my county’s gonna be online all year :woman_facepalming:t2:

I am half and half. I work and my bf works so hard to homeschool like last year but at same time I don’t want my kid getting sick like that :persevere:

I’m sending mine. I live in an area with not many cases and what cases we did have were the nursing homes :confused:

I don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s not going to work. I think it won’t be long before schools are closed again. Where I am they couldn’t even get through a week of summer school without having to shutdown to clean because some kids tested positive. But I know that some people have to work and can’t stay home with their kids.


Hoping for a remote learning option but reguardless if my kids go back or not i will be. Our community kids will rely on us to provide them with lunch if they are in the classroom or not. Before those say that I would go back and not my children understand I would work with very limited people as opposed to how many my children would.

actually the aap took back that statement … they said if the virus is not under control schools should not open

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I’m torn, where I’m from we have no active cases. But I can’t imagine the guilt if my son did end up catching it, I’d never forgive myself. I don’t know what to do yet :pleading_face:

My question is what do single parents plan to do? I am freaking out about how this is going to look being a single parent and HAVING to work. I’m a restaurant manager and work from home is just not an option.


I’m not sending my kids to school. Education is important but worth nothing if they die getting it. Id never forgive myself if my kid is a carrier & gets a teacher or other kid sick.


We don’t get a choice here

We’re choosing the remote learning option!

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Virtual learning or homeschool. Waiting to hear my county’s full proposal. But we are probably getting locked down again so it’s a mute point. Plus we are a red zone.

I think they should wait . its to early.


Mine are going back in person

I am doing virtual learning this school year to make sure my kids don’t get sick our school couldn’t even handle the flu outbreak last year and so many people send their kids to school knowing they’re sick


We have 3 options where I am, traditional, virtual or home school. A lot of people seem to be opting for virtual or homeschool so classes in school will most likely be small. I’m most likely sending mine to school.