What are your toddlers favorite toys?

Hey mamas! What are your favorite toys that your toddler likes playing with (mine is 18months)? We don’t have the option of going outside every day; we live in an apartment (no balcony, 2nd floor). My son has asthma, and with the virus going around we are trying to stay indoors as much as possible, even though he loves going outside So since I have been feeling bad about him staying inside more, I’ve wanted to order a few toys or a slide or something he can play with so we don’t watch too much tv…


Quiet toys. No batteries. Open ended toys that encourage imagination and there’s no “wrong” way. He loves block and cars. Use painters tape to make tracks on the floor. Magna-tiles are pretty fun.

Stacking toys or pull over toy My DS spends some time with these and he also enjoys playing with crayons.

My 18 month old LOVES buckles. The bucked on her highchair. The buckle on our puppies spare collar. She will seriously buckle and unbuckle happily for a decent amount of time.

What about little tikes trampoline, make forts with sheets or set up a little tent.

Mine is 9 months on the 3rd and she prefers tv remotes, phone cases and her wipe bags. :woman_facepalming:

My 16 month old nephew loves the jumbo blocks and anything anyone else has lol. We did get him a little stuffed animal thing that does colors and shapes he loves too…carries it everywhere!

My girl plays woth anything that isnt a toy!! Pots and pans and spatula, she play cooks with. I recently gave her pipe cleaners, googly eyes, platic cups snd paper plate. We made a forkie, from toy story. Draw on the paper plates. Cut holes in the cups on top and put pipe cleaners in. String then with beads

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Sensory bins! Just a bin of rice, rocks, beans, uncooked pasta, etc.

Order 6 pillows lol or something big that you need, baby will love the box! A slide inside is great! Anything with wheels, bigger the better!

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Boxes (save them ALL fr food boxes to big boxes. They make the best toys from cars, trains, busses, towers, pretend shopping, hats/helmets etc), blankets, sheets for forts, spoons & empty bowls or cups, keyrings or shower rings connected together. The best toddler toys are things you’d normally throw away.

Indoor/ outdoor bball hoop, has an v tech activity desk to learn different things. Mess free coloring, chalk boards white boards to draw on

Mega bloks have been a hit and remain a staple for mine. She is 3 now and still loves the.

My 19 month old loves her slide, ball pit, rocking horse, bouncy horse, her ride on train, and of course all her babies and stuffed animals.

His bike a d dinosaurs

We got one for both of my kids. They love them! He also loves cars and megabloks.

Mega blocks, play kitchen, car and trucks and trains, play dough, coloring, ballpit, bubbles (yes we blow them inside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:),

My son is obsessed with cars and my daughter loves Elsa from frozen

My son loves his slide, his guitar, any coloring stuff, bath color crayons are a huge hit, any sort of shape puzzles are fun.

Little slide. Mini trampoline. Big trucks and cars to push around and ride on. A pile of pillows. Blanket fort. Lego.