What birth control do you reccomend?

Hey, mamas what birth control do you always recommend? I just had a baby one month ago, and I was on IUD prior to having a baby, and I hated it, I lost my sex drive pretty much made me miserable lol I’m just wondering if I should just get on the pill? Any recommendations


I’ve been on the arm implant before and again after pregnancy. No issues and no periods! So win win, for me at least.


Im on the pill lo estrin fe 24 and love it i havent had a period in 5years and no bad side effects

Any Birth control isn’t healthy for the body . But if your good with remembering I’d take the pill above all.

I liked being on the pill, I’ve never tried the arm implant but I’ve heard many people like that

I’ve only ever been on the pill. So many different doses that if one doesn’t work it is an easy change.

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Paragard is non-hormonal. if it was the hormones you didn’t like. After having a baby, I never remembered to take my pill.

I’ve had good success with the pill and an IUD. If you didn’t like the IUD then I would choose the pill. I was on the pill first for about 9 years and I never had any issues and always remembered to take it. I only switched to an IUD because I wasn’t confident I would always remember with being a new mom to two.

Nuva ring… I’m on it now for yhe 2nd time and love it… Its about thw size if a hairbow and you slid it in like a tampon all the way up but make sure you can still feel it with a finger for when you need to pull it out… You keep it in for about 21 days have your period(if you want the 1 week length) and then slip the next one in after… Or you can just slip the new one in instead of having a period… You can take it out to have sex but no longer than 3-4hours can it be left out… I love it


I have the Xulane patch. Leave a patch on for a week for 3 weeks and no patch for the last week.

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Paraguard by far has worked best for my one and done self…

The horomone havic the others cause for me makes me even more of a crazed mood changing chick… Paraguard has 0!

NO mood swings, weight gain, or possible crotch goblins from error on my part (copper iud), and its super effective and reliable according to the overall precentage of pregancy occuring.

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I love the nuva ring


Copper iud…its non hormonal like other bc

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I recommend the copper IUD. Not sure which you had before bit the copper one is the only hormone free iud.

Couldn’t do pills, tried depo shot, now have nexplanon implant. No periods, dont have to remember the pill, or go back for the shot. Its good for 3 years and you can have it removed at any time. only thing I did notice is a sex drive decrease.

Do not i repeat DO NOT go on the patch!!! Or the depo shot

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Pill, Lo loestrin fe, no side effects and rarely even have a period

I’m absolutely in love with the Depo shot however I know some people are miserable on it. But it’s the one thing that works for me!

The depo shot was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.
Don’t do it !!
It didn’t take away my period… It made me have one for like 5 f*cking months straight :persevere:lol it was brutal

If you’re breastfeeding, you can only take the mini pill. The mini pill is not as reliable and must be taken at the exact same time everyday. The hormones of the pill could still have the same side effects. Maybe look into non hormonal options, like the copper IUD