What birth control do you recommend?

I got pregnant with my daughter while taking the pill. My six week checkup I got the iud and my body pushed it out. I am now back on the pill and have been for a few months now. But I have anxiety every time I have sex even when we use a condom. So my question is what type of birth control do you guys recommend?


I use the depo shot. Love it


Anything that messes with your hormones is bad. I do however take the pill, have been for years. Ask your doctor what they would recommend. Something stronger or another form of birth control.

I love the Nuvaring. It stays in for 3 weeks and then you take it out for a week to have a period.


Best advice is to use the rhythm method. Depo shot isnt good for you. It causes bone :bone: and joint problems , mood swings, random depression and weight gain. It’s a synthetic hormones that have bad long term side effects. The only good thing about it is, it stop your cycle completely until you get off it. It a shot you get on your Upper Butt cheek. If I remember clearly you it’s every 13 weeks. You miss a shot you have to start the process all over

Implanon or Nexplanon


Get him to take control of it and get the male injection… or the male snip lol


I love the nuva ring, you can switch out to a new one every 3 weeks so you can skip your period and it’s lower in hormones.


Non of them… all them are bad for the female body… tell him get snipped or use a condom


Implanon for sure! But it messed with my hormones badly but then again it was right after I had my son … had it for 4 years … 10 years later still no oops baby!! Good luck!!

Be sure to take your pill the same time every day. Also certain medication, like antibiotics, can make it less effective. I was on it for 13 years, but got off of it when my husband got a vasectomy! :raised_hands:

Get your tubes tided

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I’ve been loving my Nexplanon implant in my arm. Lasts 3yrs, and never had an issue. I got pregnant a few times on the pill, but never with this implant.

I use xulane which is a patch. Put on once a week, for three weeks, off a week for your sacrificial river, and then back to it.
I’ve had it for ten years, never had an issue.


I used nexplanon and never got pregnant when I had that in my arm

The pill is very effective you just have to take it everyday at the same time

I do the shot. Have been for for on and off for 21 yrs. it’s every 3 months but the problem I have with it is I gained to much weight

I was on the nuvaring

I’m.on the coil had no.problems x

Whatever you do, always use a condom or track your ovulation days too. I use the nuvaring, but it’s for controlling my cycle more than anything.