What bottles do breastfed babies like?

Need help!!! Granddaughter is breastfed. Mom needs to go back to work. Baby will NOT take a bottle. We have tried several bottles and nipples. Have had other ppl feed her away from mom, with no luck. Any advice???


My daughter used the latch brand from Walmart.

Nuk. Is exactly like a nipple & worked wonders for us x


Tommee Tippee closer to nature is what I used when I breastfed my son and Mams for my two girls because those are the two brands of pacifiers they took. I’ve seen that sometimes babies won’t like a certain bottle and then prefer it a couple weeks later.

Mam is the only one my daughter would take. Someone else had to give it to her though, she wouldn’t take it from me.

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mimijumi is the bottle my son would take, he was breastfeeding only till sitters and that’s what he would take. recommended for breastfeed babies

Nuk bottles. My son drank from them easy once I stopped breastfeeding


My son took well to tommee tippee bottles when he needed to be fed by others.

nuk worked for us as well

My daughter did really well on Comotomo

The mam bottles. All 3 kids took it straight away x

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Nuk. My daughter struggled latching because her mouth was too little. My husband went and bought that brand and she will only latch onto it. It’s the most like your nipple.

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My daughter would only use these

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Try a cup, plastic one!

My son hated EVERYTHING except for the cheap Walmart brand bottles.

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My son always liked the avent that said like mom

Comotomo or nanobebe

My daughter preferred “boob” brand bottles

My son took the playtex bottles with drop in liners.

I plan on using tommee tipee