What bottles do breastfed babies take?

Hey mamas! I need some advice. I am about to go back to work, and my LO has been strictly breastfed. I am looking for a bottle that is similar to a nipple that my baby will take. Help?


My daughter takes the bottles that go with the breast pump. The Spectra & the Medela ones but she doesn’t seem too picky. She’s breastfed.

you have to find one you baby likes so you’re gonna have to search but the best ones i’ve found are Nanobebe and Avent bottles

I used Avent with all 3 of my breastfed babies and never had issues with nipple confusion. Just started with the slow flow nipples and graduated to the larger flow nipples as they grew.


Mam bottles worked for my son.

It’s different for every baby. Mine took avent and dr browns. I work at a daycare and they all take different bottles and nipples! You have to go by trial and error until you find the right fit

My daughter only took Dr. Brown’s. Remember to pace feed

Depends on the baby. Mine takes Smilo or Comotomo.

I used mam and avent bottles for my kids that I pumped for. You may have to try a few before you find one because all babies are different :slightly_smiling_face:

Munchkin latch are great

Every baby is different, but mine would take the Mimijumi bottles.

It depends what your baby likes. You’ll probably have to try a few different ones. I’m not sure how old your baby is but if you’ve waited too long to introduce a bottle he/she will probably refuse it and take some work getting used to it.

Medela and tommee tippee

My son wasn’t picky, he used whatever we had on hand because he was mostly only breastfed with the occasional mommy’s milk bottle if someone babysat. He used playtex drop ins at home, but parents choice at grandmas, and nuk at nanas.
My daughter would only take the playtex drop ins and the lansinoh bottle that came with my pump. We stayed at a friends and I tried to use the first years bottle she got with her pump because I liked it and was going to invest if she would take it, but that was a no go!:joy:
All babies are different and it’s trial and error with breast babies and bottles.

It depends on your baby. Mine loves wide-neck Dr. Browns. I gave her a bottle at a few days old and every once in awhile gave her it again until I started back working so I knew she would take it.

We use medela bottles and teats they go with my best pumps and we have never had an issue in 3 kids :slight_smile:

I tried comotomo and a few others but settled on dr browns which don’t resemble a breast but we waited until she was 8 weeks before we tried introducing bottle with pumped breast milk. She refused a lot before finally taking it, don’t worry if that happens just keep trying! Good luck

My son likes Evenflo Balance Plus. They are designed specifically for breastfed babies. They have really helped my son with his latch. They are very reasonably priced also. They do not leak when turned upside down, and I can’t even get any milk to come out by squeezing the nipple. Baby controls the flow by their sucking. I’ve tried so many different bottles between 5 kids, and this one is by far the best.

I was using avent but the lactation nurse switched me to the “dr brown breast like” bottles.

It just depends on your baby… we have dr. brown’s, nuke, advent, the ones that came with my pump and a couple random cheap ones and my 4 month old switched between any of them and my breast without any issues. You’ll just have to buy one and try it until you find one that works for your baby.